A Canadian grandmother wakes up with a meteorite on her pillow

Joe Parker

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A provincial Canadian grandmother experienced the shock of her life when, in the dead of night, she was jarred awake to the sensation of debris caressing her face. By a stroke of serendipity, she narrowly missed being struck by a meteorite that crashed right beside her, making its landing place on her pillow.

As dawn crept over Golden, a modest town nestled in British Columbia’s southeastern reaches, Ruth Hamilton lay in the embrace of slumber. That was until an unwelcome guest disturbed her rest on the morning of October 4th. She recalls the unsettling event with palpable disquiet, “I was all aquiver, with my mind racing to thoughts of an intruder or some violent intent. I was utterly clueless about the nature of the commotion,” as reported by the ‘Victoria News’.

Illumination revealed the truth of the intrusion—a dark stone laying just inches from where her head lay.

Remarkably, the encounter left Ruth Hamilton with merely a scare rather than scars. The gravity of the experience has prompted a profound reevaluation of her outlook on life. With striking candor, she reflects, “I’ve come to the realization that the very fabric of your existence can unravel in an instant, and even the sanctity of your bed is no stronghold.”

In an ironic twist, Ruth plans to preserve the very object that threatened her life—a keepsake and a relentless reminder that existence is both precarious and precious.

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