Cat Mistakenly Shipped 621 Miles Away After Crawling into Amazon Parcel

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Galena, a six-year-old cat from Lehi, Utah, had an extraordinary adventure that had her owners and Internet users on the edge of their seats. The cat found herself shipped over 1,000 kilometers from her home in California, after sneaking into an Amazon return box.

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Galena’s journey began on April 10, when her owners, Carrie and Matt Clark, realized she was missing. After a week of intensive searching, punctuated by posters and calls for help on social networks, the incredible news arrived: Galena had been found safe and sound in an Amazon warehouse in Riverside, California.

“When we realized she was in that box, we burst into tears,” confides Carrie. The little cat, usually so discreet, had survived six days without food or water, locked in a 1m³ box. An Amazon employee discovered Galena, very weak, but alive, provoking a wave of relief among all those who witnessed the scene.

Galena’s story is a miracle for her owners, who were alerted by her microchip and rushed to California to get her back. “It’s a total miracle!” posted Carrie Clark on social networks after their reunion. Despite dehydration and noticeable weight loss, Galena was in relatively good health.

Brandy Hunter, the Amazon employee who took care of Galena, played a crucial role in this story. A cat lover accustomed to rescuing animals in distress, she took Galena in before taking her to the vet. “I knew she belonged to someone. I was 100% convinced it was an accident,” Hunter explained.

The owners are very grateful to Brandy, an Amazon employee. She found Galena, cared for her and took her to a vet.

This extraordinary story had a happy ending for Galena, who returned home on April 19 after a 10-hour journey. The Clarks expressed their gratitude to those who helped bring Galena home safely, and hope that this misadventure will inspire other pet owners to get their companions chipped and double-check their packages.

In a touching statement, Carrie Clark emphasized how improbable and miraculous this incident was, and thanked everyone involved, especially Brandy Hunter, from the bottom of her heart for their heroic efforts.

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