How to store cashmere sweaters ?

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Investing in cashmere sweaters can be a delightful luxury. However, their fragility and cost demand appropriate care. One significant part of cashmere garment care is developing a proper storage strategy. Incorrect methods may harm these delicate items. The following article provides an insightful guide to storing cashmere sweaters.

The Proper way to Prepare Cashmere Sweaters for Storage

Prior to engaging in any storage arrangements, you must ensure your cashmere sweater is well-prepared. Start by cleaning the cashmere thoroughly but gently to eliminate any invisible moth-attracting sweat or oils. Refrain from using harsh detergents. Instead, opt for baby shampoo or specialized wool wash solutions. Post-wash, avoid twisting or wringing out your cashmere item as this could damage the fabric. Opt to squeeze excess water gently and lay it flat to dry on a towel instead.

Selecting the Right Storage Area

The choice of the storage area is crucial in preserving your cashmere sweaters. The surroundings should not be damp, rather choose a cool, dry place. Excessive humidity may lead to mildew growth while excessive heat might cause discoloration. Therefore, avoid hot attics or cold garage spaces. Ideally, tower shelves in closets and drawers are recommended since they provide constant temperature levels and protect against moisture exposure. It’s also advisable to stack these garments horizontally as opposed to hanging them, which might result in deformity due to weight.

Choosing an Appropriate Container for Storage

An ambiguous takeaway paper bag tucked at the back of your wardrobe will not suffice for your intricately woven cashmere. Consider investing in dedicated storage containers like cedar chests, fabric storage bags, or plastic boxes to maintain your items in tip-top condition. Cedar is particularly ideal since it naturally repels moths and absorbs moisture while still allowing the cashmere to breathe.

How to Safely Pack Cashmere Sweaters for Storage

You can choose to fold each sweater separately and place them alongside each other. Refrain from excessive stuffing that may lead to wrinkles. Wrapping individual garments in acid-free tissue paper provides an additional layer of protection before placing them in a box or bag.

The Threat of Pests – Moths Bingod6YouraBeware!

Moths pose a serious threat to cashmere sweaters, given their preference for animal fibers such as wool and fur. Regular cleaning of your storage spaces, frequent inspection of your sweaters, and avoiding eating around these fibers are some effective measures to deter moth infestation. Additionally, incorporating natural deterrents such as cedar balls or lavender sachets in your storage method helps nullify the attraction of moths without introducing harmful chemicals to your delicate clothes.

A Note on Storing Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere scarves follow similar rules when it comes to storage. Just as with sweaters, they should be clean, dry, and safely stored in cool conditions away from direct sunlight. It’s preferable to loosely roll-up scarves instead of folding which reduces wrinkles and crease lines. In many regards, cashmere not only exudes comfort but luxury and indulgence as well. The process of storing it may admittedly require some effort – however, the reward of well-preserved cashmere apparel that offers years of style and warmth is undoubtedly worthwhile.

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