Grubb files to rezone for 900 condos in Perimeter

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Will 900 residential units be added to the Perimeter area? Grubb Properties, a development group out of North Carolina has plans to construct four residential towers to house 900 total condos on more than 19 acres off Ashford Dunwoody Road.

This is Grubb’s second shot at development plans for the location which formerly housed Dunwoody’s city hall and which currently has three 1970s-era office buildings and acres of parking lot. The first plan included building up to 1,200 apartments with plans to convert most to condos after construction.

That plan was approved by the city’s Planning Commission, a volunteer board, last December. City council members considered the plan earlier this year but expressed concern about traffic and school overcrowding impacts, the length of time to develop and overdevelopment in an area already saturated with multifamily housing.

Facing an uncertain vote, Grubb withdrew the rezoning request. A denial from council members would have meant a two-year wait for Grubb to resubmit the zoning request. Instead, Grubb withdrew the request in February and refiled in September.

Starting over means that Grubb must face the Planning Commission again and then bring the request to council members. The request is expected to be on the Planning Commission’s Tuesday, October 9 meeting agenda. The commission meets at 6 p.m. at city hall.

Grubb also plans to construct a high-rise office building, parking structures, 12,000 square feet of retail and nearly three acres of green space on the site,

A press release from Grubb stated that the plan is to completely transform the property with a focus on bikeability and walkability that encourages multimodal activities, encourages utilizing nearby transit options and promotes non-vehicular connections to area retail.

At a public meeting in July, Grubb associate Andrew Rosti conceded that traffic would be impacted.

“We are under no presumption that our development won’t impact traffic, but we are trying to do this in as responsible a way as possible in terms of impact on local streets,” Rosti said.

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