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A Canadian grandmother wakes up with a meteorite on her pillow

Joe Parker

A provincial Canadian grandmother experienced the shock of her life when, in the dead of night, she was jarred awake ...

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Here’s what the Starship rocket will attempt on its 4th flight around the Earth

Joe Parker

SpaceX is aiming to achieve several milestones on the IFT-4 flight, which is scheduled for June 2024. The Starship rocket ...

rocket ship launching during daytime

SpaceX’s Upcoming Night Launch: A Closer Look at Starlink’s Journey

Joe Parker

This Sunday, Space enthusiasts and technology aficionados will turn their eyes toward Cape Canaveral, Florida, where SpaceX is scheduled to ...

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SpaceX’s Innovative Spacewalk Suits Set for Polaris Dawn Mission

Joe Parker

In a significant advancement in space exploration technology, SpaceX has recently unveiled new spacesuits specifically designed for spacewalks. These suits ...

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NASA : Boeing’s Starliner aims for new heights in manned space missions

Joe Parker

Boeing is poised to make a significant step forward in space exploration with the upcoming crewed test flight of its ...