Ten Ten: What is This Popular App Among Teens That Turns a Smartphone into a Walkie-Talkie?

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An Instant Hit Among Teens

Ten Ten, a groundbreaking French app, has taken the teen world by storm. From middle school to high school, it’s become the talk of the town. Since its launch on April 4, it has quickly climbed the charts to become one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, amassing over a million downloads.

Instant, Unfiltered Messages Broadcasted on Speaker

Created by two French entrepreneurs, Ten Ten’s innovative and playful design has captivated young users. The concept is straightforward: after setting up a profile and adding contacts, users can send a voice message by pressing a button. This message is then broadcasted immediately through the recipient’s speaker, even if their phone is locked. This spontaneity and lack of filters appeal to teenagers, who use it extensively both during recess and outside school. It’s reminiscent of the old-school walkie-talkies, offering instant and direct voice communication between users.

Criticism and Concerns

Despite its rapid success, Ten Ten has not been free from criticism. The constant arrival of messages can create noise disturbances. There are plenty of stories about teens using the app to wake friends in the middle of the night or disrupt classes. Some users and parents find the app intrusive, noisy, and disruptive.

To avoid being disturbed, it’s recommended to keep the phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode, airplane mode, or simply turned off. A TikTok video by young influencer Wissam highlights that teachers are already taking measures against the widespread use of the app. “A friend of mine got kicked out of class because of Ten Ten!” warns Wissam.

Parental Concerns Over Safety

This unfiltered and limitless mode of communication raises more serious concerns. To function, Ten Ten requires a username, phone number, location, IP address, and access to the contact list. Although there’s an option to decline these permissions, it prevents full registration, making data collection almost mandatory.

Moreover, the ease of sending voice messages has sparked fears of misuse, particularly regarding harassment and cyberbullying. Some videos circulating on social media show teens using Ten Ten for pranks to embarrass their peers. However, parents can find solace in one aspect: the exchanged messages are never stored.

Adapting to Ensure Longevity

The excitement surrounding Ten Ten shows no signs of slowing down. However, to sustain its success, the app will likely need to address the legitimate concerns of parents. In the meantime, Ten Ten continues to make waves, revolutionizing the way teenagers communicate with one another.

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