These 8 signs proves that your home is the thieves Next Target

Lewis Walker

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As soon as burglars locate the scene of their heist, they sometimes leave traces, or clues. These are often subtle, appearing in the form of coded messages. They may, for example, be geometric symbols such as crosses or triangles. If you spot one near your home, pay particular attention to it. You might just avoid a burglary. Widely criticized as “rumors” by Internet users, these statements should be treated with caution. Contacted by Metronews, the police nonetheless declared: “These signs exist, we find them in the field, and they are confirmed during the hearings of the burglars.”

A cross near your home

The presence of a cross is a symbol commonly used to indicate that your home has been spotted and identified as a potential target for burglary. This sign suggests that a team of burglars has been examining your home and that a robbery plan is in the making. If you notice this symbol in front of your home, it’s likely that you are the target of an imminent burglary.

The triangle symbol

The presence of a triangle in front of your home suggests that burglars have carried out thorough scouting and have acquired precise knowledge of your lifestyle, even going so far as to identify that you live alone.

The inverted Y symbol

The presence of an inverted “Y” in front of your home indicates that you have a presence detector alarm system. This device poses a real threat to ill-intentioned visitors, and often deters burglary attempts. In fact, only the most ambitious and experienced burglars usually attack secure homes. The letter “Y” written backwards is a clear message that burglars are well aware of the presence of your security system and that entering your home would be very difficult, if not too risky.

The diamond symbol

When you’re away from home for an extended period of time, whether on vacation or for other reasons, the presence of a diamond symbol may indicate that your home has been targeted by burglars. This symbol means that the “way is clear”, and that the house in question is likely to be unoccupied for an extended period.

These letters should alert you

The letters “N”, “M”, “D” or “AM” used as symbols have a specific meaning and refer to the right or wrong times to visit a house:

“N”: It’s best to break in at night.
“M”: It’s best to visit in the morning.
“D”: It is not advisable to operate on Sundays.
“AM”: It’s best to operate in the afternoon.
These letters are used by burglars to communicate when it would be more favorable or less favorable to break into a residence. It’s important to remain vigilant if you discover one of these letters near your home. For example, if you notice an “N” near your home, make sure your doors and windows are properly locked at night.

If you live in an apartment, look out for this sign
When burglars are looking for suitable homes, they can sometimes use subtle signs to communicate with each other. One such sign may be the turning over of a doormat in front of an apartment entrance. This seemingly innocuous gesture can have a sinister meaning. It indicates to other burglars that they have identified this residence as a potential target for burglary. By turning over the doormat, burglars discreetly leave their mark to inform their accomplices of their passage and intentions.

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What should you do if you spot these signs in front of your home?
In this case, we recommend that you take a photograph of the suspicious symbol or code and immediately inform the police. Once you’ve reported the situation, it’s advisable to remove the sign or code to avoid attracting the attention of burglars. However, even after you’ve taken these steps, it’s important to remain extremely vigilant. For the next few weeks, check your home’s surroundings regularly for any signs of suspicious activity. Be on the lookout for unusual behaviour or unauthorized approach attempts near your home.

You can also reinforce the security of your home by installing additional security devices such as surveillance cameras, outdoor lighting or alarm systems. You should also inform your neighbors of the situation, so that they can be alert and report any suspicious activity.

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