Six Months with the Google Pixel 8 Pro: As Comfortable as Old Slippers

Joe Parker

google pixel 8 pro

We spent half a year using the Google Pixel 8 Pro. This extended time allowed us to get a more in-depth feel for Google’s flagship, which turned out to be a comfortable and generous smartphone.

Smooth and Rounded Design

Since last December, we’ve been using the Pixel 8 Pro daily. Unlike many manufacturers who favor sharp, flat edges, Google stuck with rounded corners for this model. Using the phone with its official case further accentuated the rounded feel. The result? It feels great in the hand, much like slipping into an old pair of slippers. After testing more aggressively designed phones, returning to the Pixel 8 Pro always felt like a relief.

Despite its rounded edges, the screen remains flat, a design choice increasingly popular as many users dislike curved displays. However, this means dealing with bezels again. While the Pixel 8 Pro might not be as immersive as some competitors like the Galaxy S23 Ultra or even last year’s Pixel 7 Pro, the thin bezels are easy to get used to over time.

A Screen for the Realists

Google opted for accuracy and precision with the Pixel 8 Pro’s display. If you’re used to Samsung’s vibrant screens, the Pixel might initially seem less impressive. However, over time, we found several benefits to this approach:

  • Adjusting to more subdued but accurate colors made us appreciate less aggressive color modes on other devices, avoiding overly transformed content.
  • Milder colors help manage addictive smartphone behaviors.

This didn’t stop us from occasionally using a Samsung phone and feeling a jolt of excitement from its vivid display, much like eating candy after cutting back on sugar.

Durability and Wear

In terms of durability, we only noticed a minor scratch in the middle of the screen, likely from a small rock or dust particle. Fortunately, it’s barely visible during daily use. The shiny aluminum photo module shows slight wear, but these are hard to see unless you look closely.

Adding a Touch of Charm to Photos

The Pixel 8 Pro features three camera modules: a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle, and a 5x telephoto lens (113 mm). With high megapixel counts across all three, you can crop to your desired zoom level without sacrificing quality.

In professional settings like trade shows, the Pixel 8 Pro proved to be a reliable companion. It adapted quickly to different situations, whether capturing crowds, moving subjects, or dealing with poor lighting. The results were consistently decent, though not perfect.

The camera’s processing adds a certain charm, making family photos especially pleasing. Friends and family often praised the portraits we took with this phone. The color processing adds warmth, making images look slightly more inviting than reality.

However, for those seeking natural photos, the Pixel’s tendency to over-process might be a downside. The images often appear smoothed out, which can be an issue for professional use where authenticity is crucial.

In summary, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, with its comfortable design and reliable performance, feels like a familiar friend. Its balanced screen and camera capabilities make it a solid choice, even if it’s not without its quirks. For those who value comfort and reliability, it’s a phone worth considering.

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