Nancy Creek parents may oppose school's closing
Nancy Creek Theme School is scheduled to close in 2008, but parents are not sure whether it’s a wise decision and plan to discuss it at the school system’s January 16th community meeting.

By Mary Swint and Cathy Cobbs

For The Crier

Nancy Creek Elementary parents will learn street-by-street details about the proposed consolidations their elementary school at a community meeting next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

But some believe that closing the facility may not be the best idea.

“We have some concerns,” said PTA president Alice Noland. “We’ll be bringing them up at the meeting.”

Plans call for 100 Nancy Creek students to be reassigned to Huntley Hills Elementary, built in 1964, and 183 students to Montgomery Elementary, built in 1963.

Noland said that parents are concerned that, with the merger with Montgomery and Huntley Hills, the students will exceed Montgomery’s instructional capacity and be very near capacity at Huntley Hills.

According to the DeKalb County School System redistricting plan, after the three-school merger, Huntley Hill’s population will be 430 students. Its instructional capacity is listed at 477. Montgomery, with an instructional capacity of 545, is projected to have 556 students.

“We don’t want to start out needing trailers, which is what Dunwoody has been fighting for years,” Noland said. “Once you close the doors, it’s very hard to get them open again, and we just want to make sure that all the data is in before the decision is made to close Nancy Creek.”

Parents are also concerned that growth trends in the area have not been taken into consideration with the decision to merge the facilities.

“There are more than 750 new housing units coming online in the immediate area, including 53 single family residences,” Noland said. “This area has a lot of potential for growth.”

Noland said the PTA has distributed a flyer urging parents to attend the January 16 meeting to voice their concerns about the dissolution of Nancy Creek.

“We’ve got a great little school here, with a new principal, and some wonderful traction in the neighborhood,” she said. “We’d hate to throw all that away without some careful consideration.”

A meeting to discuss the Kittredge move will be held on January 30 at 6:30 p.m. at its current location.

Built in 1970, Nancy Creek is slated to become in August 2008 the new home for the Kittredge High Achievers Magnet School. The current building housing Kittredge was built in 1957. The instructional capacity of Nancy Creek is listed as 126 students fewer than Kittredge’s in the school system’s demographic study. However, Robert Moseley, associate superintendent for administrative services, said, “Nancy Creek is a newer and larger building, 57,000 square feet, compared to older Kittredge which has almost 48,000 square feet.”

Sembler Company has offered to buy the Kittredge property along with two high schools at Briarcliff and North Druid Hills Road to build a new mixed-use development.

Separate community meetings will be held to discuss the consolidation of the county system’s three Montessori programs at Briar Vista Elementary in phase III of the county’s redistricting plan. These meetings will be at Huntley Hills on February 1 at 6:30 p.m. and at Midway Elementary on Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. After consolidation, Briar Vista Elementary will have 601 students in the system-wide Montessori program.

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