‘Irresponsible… they’ve lost their minds’ : scandal at Taylor Swift concert in Paris, a baby was on the ground in the pit

Joe Parker

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During the superstar’s 2nd Paris concert, a baby was spotted sleeping on the concert hall floor on Friday, May 10. Paris La Défense Arena said it had “offered an alternative seating solution” to the spectators, who refused.

A very, if not too, young fan. During Taylor Swift’s second concert on Friday, May 10, one of the singer’s fans noticed an unusual spectator in the pit at Paris La Défense Arena. And for good reason: a baby just a few months old was on the floor of the Nanterre venue, right in the middle of 42,000 people.

On X (formerly Twitter), the Internet user posted two photos showing the child asleep on the floor, wearing noise-cancelling headphones and a purple fringed coat. Fairly annoyed by the situation, she attached a message to the photos: “Get your baby off the floor and go home”. In a second post, she added: “They’ve lost their minds! Horrible parents”.


The photos, which have been viewed almost 2 million times on the social network, have obviously provoked dozens of reactions from Internet users. And this despite the “explanations” of a spectator, who says she was close to the child that evening in the theater.

She explains on Threads that “the baby had a child’s earmuff” and that everyone was looking out for him. “We left a nice space around them, there was the whole family, everyone was caring and the parents were very attentive, the baby didn’t cry once,” she says.

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