Here’s the Worst Cars of 2024 According To Consumer’s Report

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In a time where the auto market is saturated with countless makes and models, it becomes even more imperative for consumers to arm themselves with reliable information before embarking on their car-shopping journey. Consumer Reports (CR) has made this task easier by taking a close look at several vehicle models and identifying some that might be best avoided based on factors like performance, reliability, and owner satisfaction. This article discusses five such models identified as among the “worst cars of 2024”.

Rivian: Innovative but not Yet Reliable Enough

Though Rivian was initially praised for bringing fresh ideas to the electric vehicle sector upon its launch in 2009, the automaker’s reputation has unfortunately been marred recently due to inadequate dependability. CR reports that both the R1T pickup and R1S SUV deliver impressive performance, but are plagued with reliability issues, hence meriting inclusion on the list. As a result of these concerns, Rivian’s stock ended up plummeting earlier this year.

GMC Sierra 1500: Beautiful Exterior, Unhappy Owners

According to CR, GMC does not have any highly-rated vehicles in its lineup. The Sierra 1500 pickup, however, stands out as having particularly dissatisfied owners. Despite being decked with brawny features like galvanized grills, recovery hooks, power running boards, and steel bumpers that could rival the strength of a charging rhinoceros, there is evidently more than meets the eye when it comes to this gorgeous pickup model.

“The exterior design may appeal to certain buyers, but our survey results show that many people are unhappy with their ownership experience.”

Jaguar F-Pace: A Noisy Disappointment

The Jaguar F-Type has long been a favorite among the brand’s aficionados, but its crossover sibling, the F-Pace, seems to have left much to be desired. CR surveys reveal that owners have had issues with excessive noise levels in their F-Pace vehicles. Moreover, the service technicians tasked with fixing these problems were reportedly unable to do so even after giving the cars a thorough examination.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Looks Aren’t Everything

Despite boasting an impressive cabin and comfortable seating, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport does not rank highly on CR’s list of best vehicles. This is due, at least in part, to none of the Land Rover models making it onto the list; while this may not necessarily spell disaster for the company or its products, it is certainly indicative that there are currently significantly better alternatives available in the market.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Praiseworthy, but Outperformed by Rivals

In contrast to the previously mentioned vehicles, the Jeep Grand Cherokee stands out as being an all-around solid choice. It is capable of comfortably ferrying its passengers over various terrains and durations – ranging from weekend getaways to extended road trips. However, critics argue that it is rather pricey compared to other options in its class which affected its overall evaluation.

Why Consumers Should Take CR’s Recommendations into Account

CR’s findings must be taken seriously because they have a demonstrated history of providing reliable consumer advice regarding vehicle choices. Since they undertake extensive research and surveying activities before arriving at their conclusions, potential automotive buyers can be assured that the information offered stems from a genuine desire to help them make informed decisions. In fact, here are just a few reasons as to why it is important for car shoppers to take CR’s recommendations into account:

  1. Objective Evaluations: CR maintains an impartial approach towards its analyses and is therefore less susceptible to biases that can compromise the validity of auto critiques.
  2. Extensive Research: The organization boasts robust market knowledge which enables it to offer well-researched insights regardless of ongoing changes in the automotive landscape.
  3. Consumer Interests at Heart: A key cornerstone of CR’s ethos revolves around having consumers’ best interests in mind and providing them with trustworthy advice based on accurate information that they may struggle to find elsewhere..
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In summary, though these criticized models may still appeal to some buyers, aspiring automobile owners should be aware of their drawbacks as outlined by Consumer Reports. Armed with this awareness, prospective customers can proceed to make informed decisions regarding which vehicle models will ultimately meet their individual needs and preferences.

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