To the Editor:

Throughout my time in public office, my family and I have approached every day with the mindset that life is not about self, but service to others. From the State Senate to the Office of Lt. Governor, we’ve always viewed serving our fellow Georgians as a distinct honor.

This year, with your help and support, we ran a campaign for governor based on a bold vision of economic prosperity for all Georgians. While the outcome was not what we worked tirelessly to accomplish, Nita and I have never been as humbled by the outpouring of support we received from longtime supporters, new friends, and the many Georgians who believed in our vision.

Nita and I are writing to personally thank you for everything you’ve done on our behalf. We know you dedicated a great deal of time and effort to supporting our campaign, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

I want you to know that I will continue to fight for the issues that brought you to support my campaign. To achieve our shared vision for Georgia’s future, we must now focus our attention on electing strong conservatives in November.

Over the last month, Nita and I have been able to spend more quality time with our growing family, watching our three beautiful grandchildren play and our oldest son minister as a newly ordained pastor. Our family is truly blessed to call Georgia home - and I’m confident we will continue to see our state grow to reach new heights.

Thank you for your tireless support, as Nita and I are forever grateful.

Casey Cagle

To the Editor:

I am writing this to complain about the lack of effort by DeKalb County in picking up any yard waste not in a container. 

I had a small tree die in my back yard. I cut it up and placed some of the pieces neatly stacked in a pile in the front of my home. I didn’t want to inundate the sanitation workers, so I planned on putting some out each week. The largest piece is 16 inches, and well less than 20 pounds. Their stated limits are 4 feet and 50 pounds.

I called last Wednesday evening, Aug. 22, to report the missed pick up. Our pick up day is Tuesday. First they tried to up-sell me a special pickup, for a fee. I refused, as I am already paying for this service, and my needs fully met the requirements set forth on the DeKalb County website for regular service. I was then assured it would be made up on Friday, Aug. 24.

Today, Aug. 28, the wood is still sitting on the street. No truck came by as promised last Friday, and they did not pick up the wood today, again.

Driving through my neighborhood of Dunwoody North, it is obvious I am not the only one with the exact same problem. Reading through the Dunwoody North Facebook page, I see numerous complaints of the same. There are bundled sticks, cut limbs, and other refuse that has been sitting on the street for much longer than mine. I am sure DeKalb County has offered to pick up each of those for an additional fee also. And, there they sit rotting, attracting termites and snakes, and blocking rain runoff.

If the county is not going to meet their obligations to provide proper sanitation services, how long before we in Dunwoody take it in house? They already charge the same for half the number of pick up days. Yes, the cans they require us to use now are larger than most people used previously, however that just means they smell that much worse by the time pick up day arrives. Now they won’t even meet their own stated requirements for garden waste.

Personally, I’m somewhat over their treatment of 90 percent of their tax base, even if we only make up 10 percent of their population, or so. If they don’t wish to earn the tax dollars we pay, maybe it’s time we pay someone who does.

Jeffrey Glicksman

Editor’s note: Mr. Glicksman wrote that while he was frustrated by the county, city government’s response was most helpful.

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