Mum let me take over the keyboard for this week’s column, and I’m betting my writing will appeal to you way more than hers. Please be sure to let us know!

I am an indoor kitty, so my life hasn’t changed all that much in regards to where I get to go. My exposure to the outdoors is limited to the screened porch, occasional forays to the deck — under supervision — and watching the birdfeeder outside the living room window.

It’s my pet parents who have changed. I mean they hardly leave the house, and since I’m in charge of my domain, I consider their constant presence an infringement of my rights. Picture me in Dad’s office, or the men’s room as he refers to it. Usually, I have my pick of lounging spots — his desk chair, his recliner, the floor next to the recliner, a spot beneath the desk, or sometimes his lap.

These days, I find myself constantly being run out of one of his chairs. It’s enough to make a girl crazy. Why must he spend so much time in that room? Times were, he’d sit at his desk briefly to look at the computer and then be gone for at least eight hours. Now? He can be found spending hours in his desk chair, lounging in his recliner watching the Military Channel or napping. It’s too noisy in there for a good catnap.

Now, Mum’s office is very quiet as usual. The only disturbance is her tapping on her keyboard, which I’m accustomed to. Still, she’s in there an awful lot lately — no midday trips to her gym or lunch. My routine was to accompany her to her office after breakfast, leap on the desk to get multiple treats, and then retire to the Dad’s office or to the bedroom to snooze — on the bed or in the easy chair near the window.

But, and this a big but, any time Dad walks into Mum’s office or Mum comes and goes from the office, I feel dutybound to visit for a few treats. If I don’t, she may be require re-training. The problem is that Dad pops in and out of her office all day long now. I am forever having to be alert — okay, that may be a stretch — so I don’t miss an opportunity for a treat. It used to be Dad made only a few visits to Mum’s headquarters. These days? He is in and out constantly. I think he has a severe case of the fidgets, and Mum agrees with me.

Mum and I think he interrupts way too much. So much so that Mum has begun referring to me as Tubby Cat because I’m eating too many treats. Of course, she’s one to talk, since she says the virus has shrunk her jeans.

The good news is it’s summertime and Dad is spending more time on the screened porch, so Mum and I are getting some quiet time up here on the second floor. And yesterday, he ventured out to the shooting range. That meant Mum and I got to relax on the porch in peace. She pondered who the victim would be in her next book, and I chirped at the hummingbirds visiting the feeder.

Are you wondering why the porch isn’t peaceful when Dad’s on it? The answer is he listens to all those silly videos people send him no matter what room he’s in, and it drives me and Mum nuts. We two are big believers in silence. Can you hear me purring Ohm? And do you see Mum right next to me doing the same? Repeat after me: This too shall pass. A girl can dream, right?

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