DUNWOODY, Ga. — In a unanimous vote Jan. 13, the Dunwoody City Council revised the six-month Dunwoody Village development moratorium to allow restaurants, bars, health clubs and medical office projects to move forward. 

For other businesses the moratorium will remain in place until June, preventing any new land disturbance permits, special use applications or design reviews. The city staff asked for the temporary moratorium to give the city time to complete revisions to the Dunwoody Village Master Plan before considering any new development.

In December when the moratorium was passed, then City Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said she wanted to give the new council time to take a breath and to make sure that Dunwoody Village sees the development the public wants.

“In this era, we only get one chance at redevelopment,” Deutsch said in an interview at the time. “What gets redeveloped is going to be there for many generations, so we needed to do a moratorium in order to protect the work we are currently doing on updating the master plan.”

Now, Mayor Deutsch says the original moratorium was overly prohibitive and that the council can accomplish those same goals while being more permissive for certain businesses. 

“Our main priority is ensuring that the Village develops in a way that we’re proud of and meets our residents’ needs,” she said. “We were able to amend it and still meet our goal of protecting the planning process that’s ongoing.” 

The change came after representatives from CrossFit Dunwoody, at 5525 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, asked the council to reconsider the moratorium during public comments Jan. 2. They said the moratorium jeopardized its expansion plans.

Since January 2019, the city has been working with Atlanta-based planning firm TSW to review and rewrite Dunwoody Village zoning regulations in an effort to make the area more attractive to developers.

In November, TSW presented a draft of the revisions to the public for input. The plan is expected to come before the Planning Commission and then City Council in the coming months. Initially adopted in 2011, the Dunwoody Village Master Plan envisions transforming the area into a more walkable, mixed-use city center. 

On Jan. 14, the Dunwoody Planning Commission considered making Dunwoody Village an open carry entertainment district. Alcohol would have to be carried in a clear plastic cup with a limit of one drink per adult to be carried on the street and public spaces. Open carry would not be allowed after midnight. 

The zoning amendments, if approved by the City Council, would also allow microbreweries and wine specialty stops in commercial and mixed-use areas of the city. 

More information about the Dunwoody Village Plan update can be found on the city’s website, dunwoodyga.gov.

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