Republican announces bid for Congress

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MILTON, Ga. — Republican business owner Marjorie Greene recently announced her candidacy for the 6th Congressional District of Georgia. 

Greene is the owner of Taylor Commercial, a construction business based in Alpharetta that she has owned since 2002. The firm has seen over a quarter billion dollars in business in 11 states.

“As a businesswoman for over 17 years, I know how to balance a budget, cut spending and meet a payroll,” Greene said. “Our next congresswoman has got to understand these things if we are going to decrease the federal deficit and reduce the size of government.”

Greene lives in Milton and is a 22-year resident of the 6th District. She graduated from the University of Georgia, where she received a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“There is tremendous ‘Karen Handel fatigue’ across the district,” Greene said. “She lost a congressional seat she clearly should have won. Republicans need a candidate who can effectively carry the conservative message to the voters of our district.”

The 6th District seat is currently held by Democrat Rep. Lucy McBath.

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3 thoughts on “Republican announces bid for Congress”

  1. If MTG is a Conservative, I am the King of Siam. She embarrasses herself, her constituents, the State of Georgia, the House of Representatives, Congress as a whole, and our country. She should quietly go away, resign immediately. Vote for her? Hell NO full stop.

  2. Moscow Marjorie needs to go. I have never seen such an idiot in government. What the hell is wrong with her? She has wrecked the Republican party. My entire family & myself are leaving the party & the state. We’ve all had enough. Women’s rights are taken away but the liberal gun laws on guns will finish them off.

  3. So she lives in district 6 and Dalton ? For real??? So all you need to do is change how you are addressed!!! Marjorie taylor Greene is now Marjorie greene…….


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