The Community Assistance Center (CAC) announces a new president and welcomes eight new members to the 2016 board of directors.

Shelly Dozier-Mckee steps up as the new board president. She joined the board in 2011 and during that time served as the vice-president and the chairwoman of the Vintage Affair for four years. Dozier-Mckee is a retail marketing and interior design professional. She follows Catherine Lautenbacher who completed her two-year term as president and remains on the board in 2016.

New to the board are Marian Macleod-Elliott, of Henssler Financial, who will serve as the new board treasurer; Dick Derrick, a retired healthcare software industry sales executive; Nancy Doss, who has served on the Food `n Fun planning committee and will step up as chairwoman of that committee in 2016 and Anne Marie Lochner of Graphic Packaging;. Missy MacGinnitie serving as a Community Representative; Terry Nall, Dunwoody City Councilman; Dorris Shelton-Gulley who served as the Vintage Affair co-chairwoman in 2015 and steps up as the Vintage Affair chairwoman this year; and Amy Winslett of Ocwen Financial.

The new members will serve two-year terms on the 19-member volunteer board. The new members join returning Vice President Kevin Horgan, Secretary Villard Bastien, Assistant Treasurer Terry Hartigan, Nancy Berger, Charles Crosby, John Jokerst, Judy Pollock, Luis Torres and Sally Wyeth.

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