It’s The Easiest Way to sparkling bathroom grout – without white vinegar or bleach

Joe Parker

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These ingredients are magic, restoring the whiteness of your soiled bathroom grout, without the need for harmful products like bleach.

Bathroom tile grout, exposed daily to moisture and dirt, can quickly become dirty and blackened in a matter of weeks, giving your space an unattractive appearance. Who wants to take a shower in a bathroom with completely blackened grouting? If you don’t take care of them, moisture will seep in, and shampoo and shower gel will accumulate on them, leading to the appearance of unpleasant mold and the blackening of joints. This is particularly the case in showers.

You can, of course, use bleach or white vinegar to clean grouting. These products are very effective and achieve good results. However, both are corrosive, so while they can whiten stains, they can also do more damage than good in the long run. There’s another simple and equally effective way to whiten your grout.

All you need are three products: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and washing-up liquid (optional), and an old toothbrush. Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile, colorless liquid that quickly neutralizes bacteria and germs. It whitens surfaces without leaving a toxic residue like bleach, making it a reliable cleaning agent.

This method is very simple. Pour a generous dose of each ingredient onto the blackened tile grout in your shower. Do not mix before applying. Using a special grout brush, or an old toothbrush, rub the products into the grout. Leave the products to work and lather for 10 to 15 minutes, so that they penetrate the dirt. All that’s left is to scrub with the brush and rinse, directly with the shower head. Hydrogen peroxide deserves to be better known for home maintenance. You can buy a bottle and be sure to use it! It can be used to clean a mirror without leaving streaks, to remove stubborn blood or perspiration stains, to clean the fridge, but also to disinfect your toothbrushes, wash sponges that are starting to smell bad, or to get rid of dust mites on the mattress. A real all-rounder!

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