To the Editor:

In response to last week’s letters on adoption, my objective in voting for SB 375 was to have more children adopted. I reiterate I have no problem with gay adoption, but per the Supreme Court a religious based agency should not have to violate its beliefs.

Right now in Michigan the ACLU is suing the state for contracting with St. Vincent Catholic Charities because of its religious nature and according to its beliefs when placing children. St. Vincent recruited more families for adoptions than 7 of the 8 other agencies in their service area. How does this lawsuit help children?

Passage of SB 375 will hopefully encourage Catholic Charities and others to come to Georgia without fear of this type of litigation. Our foster care population has exploded and hopefully more children can be placed in a loving environment regardless of sexual orientation.

Sen. Fran Millar

To the Editor:

Mr. Millar, you must be confused. Saying you “support gay adoption” and voting yes on SB 375 is truly hypocritical. Arguing that you are attempting to reduce the large number of children in foster care by reducing the amount of eligible parents is just bad math. 

Do you really think you can spin it this way and fool everyone?  Shame on you!  This is nothing more than ugly, exclusive, mean spirited behavior from a group that claims to be Christian, but behaves in a manner that is anything but Christian.  This bill has wide range implications, and is bad for Georgia. Recent reform of Georgia’s antiquated adoption laws was a good start in solving the problem.  If some churches wish to exercise their religious freedom in this regard, so be it,  but they should not be blessed by the Georgia legislature, and should not be using public funds.  Using taxpayer money, especially from the very people you want to exclude is abhorrent. 

Pam Zimmermann

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