To the Editor:

I want to take a minute to recognize a few people who work at our Dunwoody Post Office.  Yolanda Ezell and Sandra Rose were invaluable in helping me locate a lost package from overseas. They made numerous phone calls and finally helped track down the package.  Ms. Ezell called me with updates and then pulled the package off the truck to hold it for me so I could get it on time.  A sincere thanks for a job well done.

Nora Floersheim

To The Editor:

Recently, I received an email from one of my neighbors. She forwarded a request for me to sign a petition that was sent by “Save Dunwoody.” Before one signs on to anything, you should know about the person(s) or organization that is behind it. I sent my neighbor the following in reply and have yet to have an answer. The public still doesn’t know who is running Save Dunwoody, how it is organized and who makes their decisions. Read on for my questions & thoughts to my neighbor: 

Can you tell us the names of the leaders, officers or those elected by the Save Dunwoody membership whom they represent? What defines “membership”?

Where are the by-laws of Save Dunwoody defining their organization?  Who runs the website, creates petitions, sends out emails and pays for yard signs and ads in our local paper?

Where are their annual financial reports? When do they schedule public meetings in advance? Where are their meeting minutes with results of votes on “positions”?  Does Save Dunwoody volunteer in the community and give back? — that “Adopt a Spot” on Mt. Vernon is looking pretty bare.

Why is the website’s ownership hidden under a private registration using a proxy in Arizona? Save Dunwoody makes claims about hidden agendas and backdoor deals in our City Government. Where is the transparency of the accusing organization? 

Until basic questions as the above can be answered, would you lend your name and reputation by signing a petition or taking any action of support of a cloaked & hidden “organization” with no accountability? 

In contrast, look at the Dunwoody Homeowners' Association. They are legally organized, registered and incorporated with the Secretary of State in Georgia. They are a formally-recognized IRS 501(c)4 Non-Profit and file tax returns. They have open Public Meetings. They have named officers & directors. Records of Meeting Minutes and votes are available. Membership allows for nomination & subsequent voting for their Board of Directors. For only $40 a year, I highly recommend membership. 

In closing, 100 percent of the people will never agree on 100 percent of our city’s issues and actions. I certainly have not agreed with everything the council has approved since incorporation. But life is short and precious. Let’s appreciate all of the good & give thanks for our community and our neighbors. We ARE better off now than we were before cityhood. I appreciate the investment the city is dong for our future. I’m proud to live here and to be actively engaged in our community.

 Joe Seconder

To the Editor:

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry issued a communication to exceptional schools in the U.S. that support public diplomacy efforts by hosting high school exchange students sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. AFS has just learned that Dunwoody High School received this commendation from Secretary Kerry, and we want to express how proud we are to work in educational partnership with this outstanding school and its visionary leaders.

Nearly 30 years ago, I was welcomed into a U.S. high school as an exchange student from Argentina. The experiences I had while living with a host family, attending school, and becoming a member of a community are what led me to an international career and eventually to become the President of AFS-USA.

As global headlines continue to focus on issues of conflict that affect us all, regardless of where we live, I cannot think of anything more important than creating opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds to understand one another better.  

By opening their doors to host exchange students, Dunwoody High School  is providing all students with opportunities to increase their global awareness and cultural understanding as they continue on the path towards becoming global citizens and the kind of leaders this world needs.

The AFS mission is to help build a more just and peaceful world. Our work would be impossible if not for the outstanding educators, host families, and volunteers who recognize the importance of global exchange.

Thank you, Dunwoody High School. We hope that more schools will follow the example you have set by hosting young people from around the world and encouraging U.S. students to have a similar experience abroad.

Jorge Castro

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Did the timing of the traffic light at Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Village Parkway change in the past week or two? It seems to stay red for Mt. Vernon drivers much longer than it did before.

Does this have something to do with all the new work on the Parkway? There just don't seem to be enough cars turning onto Mt. Vernon to warrant the longer green for the Parkway traffic.

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