“Despite being in the longest real estate bull market in recent history, I still meet with homeowners who can’t sell their homes”, says John Hogan, President of Remodeling Expo Center. “These homeowners can’t understand how their neighbors are making so much money and their realtor is encouraging them to drop the price of their home for the second time.” It’s at this point that the homeowner usually comes to my design center and askes for help. “Remodeling to-sell the home is not my favorite type of project, but we do it all the time. I just wish that homeowners did it sooner, so that they could enjoy their remodeled home before they sold it”, say Peter Schnieper, co-owner of Remodeling Expo Center.

By doing these 5 things you will be sure to make money as you sell your house.


 Schools. When selecting your home focus on the quality of the schools, especially the high school. Atlanta Public School’s issues are driving a migration to the North Atlanta suburbs and this demand is escalating home prices.


 Your Greatest Investment. Think of your home as an investment, not an expense. It needs to be cared for, optimized, adjusted, and you will need professional guidance, just like your stock portfolio. Many people accumulate more wealth in their homes than in their savings, so why don’t we pay more attention to the health of our homes? This is a critical difference between people who make money and people who don’t. Your home can be your best performing investment, if you treat it as such.


 Adaptation. “My cabinets have good bones”. If I hear that one more time, I think I’m going to scream! says Brittany Lingerfelt, Remodeling Expo Center’s Design Studio Manager. She continues, “that’s like justifying wearing a 15 year old style skirt because it doesn’t have holes in it.” Styles change, the American family has changed, the kitchen is now designed based upon flow, connectivity and the digital age and the sturdy “Bones” of your old oak cabinets are irrelevent. Bathrooms now focus on beauty, brightness, health and cleanability, not practicality and segmentation. The home has adapted. Don’t expect a premium price for your home if it looks like a “Brady Bunch” home.


 Over Personalization. I’ve seen built-in parrot cages in bathrooms, built-in deep fryers in kitchens, etc. Sure it’s your home, but if you personalize it with non-removable items, or make changes that don’t make sense to most of the population, you’re going to devalue your home.


 Bright, Open and Spacious. This is a pretty basic formula that always works. Move a few walls, brighten up the paint colors, counters, and invest in lighting. Follow this formula and you will improve the value of your home.

For more information of how to improve the value of your home, contact The Remodeling Expo Center at 404 910-3969 or stop in at 48 King Street, Roswell, GA 30075. www.RemodelingExpo.com.

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