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  • February 13, 2016

Dunwoody Crier: Sustainability

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Actually, it is easy being green

The Dunwoody Sustainability Committee and city of Dunwoody staff have spent the last several months working with the folks from local non-profit Greening Neighborhoods to develop a customized energy and water saving program for our city.

Recent Headlines

Tuesday 09/17/2013
Georgia Tech School of Public Policy measures Dunwoody climate impact

The expression “Butterfly Effect” comes from the notion that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing may set off unnoticed currents of air that can ultimately build up, through a chain reaction, into a large storm. What might appear to be an essentially meaningless action can produce a large cumulative effect over a period of time or distance.

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Tuesday 08/27/2013
A look at solar-powered roof vents

Homeowners in Dunwoody have an improved way to ventilate their attics and simultaneously slash their electricity bills while helping the environment and conserving water. With a solar electric-powered roof vent, your attic can be properly vented while keeping your power bill lower. When you use less power, the power company uses less water to make electricity.

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Tuesday 07/16/2013
Backyards for the birds

As Dunwoody enters the height of summer, the time has come to make sure our yards and gardens are habitable for not only ourselves, but the plants and animals that live with us. The city of Dunwoody has deemed July “My Own Backyard” month, which focuses on maintaining the ecosystem and yards of Dunwoody. Here are a few tips to liven up the ecosystem of your own yard or garden, specifically the birds.

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Tuesday 06/18/2013
Storm drain project underway

Last Saturday, in the neighborhoods of Kings Down and North Springs, off Chamblee Dunwoody Road, neighbors waved cheerfully as a crew of six hearty souls embarked on the first Volunteer Storm Drain Marking Project in the city of Dunwoody.

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Tuesday 05/14/2013
City projects support improving conditions for bicyclists

In the four and a half years of the city of Dunwoody’s existence, the sustainability efforts undertaken by the city have been and continue to be far-reaching and comprehensive.

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Tuesday 02/12/2013
Conserving water through the drought

There are a number of ways to conserve water, and they all start with you.

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Monday 12/24/2012
Santa Claus recycles

After all the wrappings are off and the boxes are opened, what can be saved to recycle?

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Tuesday 11/20/2012
This is recycling month

November is Recycling Month and in Dunwoody we have two great new opportunities to make recycling easy and affordable.

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Tuesday 10/09/2012
Promoting a healthier way of life, Dunwoody style

Dunwoody has been on the move this past week. The first Wednesday of every month is Walk to School Day at Dunwoody elementary schools and the Dunwoody Sunday Cycle bike ride is the first Sunday of every month. Both events are an enjoyable way to enjoy the streets of Dunwoody from a different perspective and with great health benefits!

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Tuesday 07/24/2012
Stream buffers: the whys and wherefores

When the city of Dunwoody was founded in December of 2008, the city council went to work to set up ordinances, codes and guidelines needed to run our city. Among the myriad of decisions that were made, a stream buffer criteria was established for a 75-foot strip of vegetation to be maintained on either side of a stream running through a property. Dunwoody property that was built into a 75-foot buffer area before December 2008 is considered “legally nonconforming” and not required to conform.

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Tuesday 04/17/2012
The Green Report: 'Hugelkulture' in your own backyard

Inspired by that theme more than 20 friends gathered in Lisa Macy’s backyard this spring to build a sharing garden.

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