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  • April 30, 2016

Dunwoody Crier: Mommy Chronicles

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Mommy Chronicles

Mourning Jared

Our community has been rocked. We have lost a beautiful child who brought light and joy to so many.

Recent Headlines

Tuesday 04/01/2014
The Barbie debate re-examined

For the second time in a matter of months, I found myself indignant in the blindingly pink Barbie aisle at Target.

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Tuesday 03/04/2014
My 6-year old takes on the Tooth Fairy

Don’t worry, the Tooth Fairy is safe…for now.

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It’s time for a region-wide emergency plan

This past week, our city and its surrounding areas of 6 million people were brought to a screeching halt. I know that an inch or two of snow and a layer of ice wasn’t to blame.

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Tuesday 12/31/2013
I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom

“You know, you’re not hip, mom,” my 9-year-old recently said to me with what seemed to be a look of pity in his eyes.

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Tuesday 12/03/2013
Idealizing winter can be a mistake

Aaaah Winter. How I’ve looked forward to your chilly nights with warm blankets and smoky fireplaces, hot chocolate and the welcome of a toasty house on a wintry evening. 

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Tuesday 11/05/2013
Overparenting Anonymous

Me: “Hi. My name is Lauren and I’m an Overparenter.” 

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Tuesday 07/30/2013
The birds and the bees… already?

“I love daddy but he’s not really part of my family because he didn’t make me,” my 6-year old tells me.

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Tuesday 07/02/2013
Son’s birthday marks motherhood at 9

Dear Daniel,

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Tuesday 06/04/2013
The 10 stages of Disney

1. Anticipation and arrival. The trip has been planned for months. We’ve referred to it in excitement – “Can you believe we’re going to Disney in 20 days? Woohooo!” We’ve used it as a threat – “If you continue to act like this, there is no way we’re going to Disney. I’ll cancel the trip right now!”

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Tuesday 05/07/2013
Four things all new moms should know

I’d like to pass along four of the most important things I’ve learned about this whole child-rearing business. Given that my children are the very advanced ages of eight and six, I have the luxury of hindsight and the wisdom of experience. So listen up!

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Tuesday 03/05/2013
A mother’s experience with gluten-free living

It started with constant stomach aches and lots of strep throat. It continued with more stomach pain which got so bad that my son sometimes had to stay home from school. The traditional Miralax route was not working and nothing else seemed to be wrong. So we made a gastro-intestinal appointment and went to a well-respected doctor who is both accomplished pediatrician and holistic practitioner.

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