Sen. Fran Millar

There will be three ballot initiatives that I worked on with DeKalb CEO Mike Thurmond. I will be voting yes on all three.

The first item changes the Homestead Option Sales Tax so that 100 percent of the proceeds are used to reduce homeowners’ property tax bills. The current reduction is 80 percent and the other 20 percent goes to capital improvement (not necessary with the SPLOST).

Average tax relief in DeKalb for city residents will be over $400.

Contrast that with what you will pay on a 1 percent sales tax increase that does not apply to food or prescription drugs. Most people in our area that own homes come out ahead.

The second item is the SPLOST. I limited this so that there will be no government complex on Cynthia McKinney Boulevard.

The money will be spent on transportation projects, public safety and 15 percent for capital repairs. The estimated $600 million of revenue will be split roughly 60 percent to the unincorporated areas and 40 percent to the cities. Currently the unincorporated areas only get about $2 million a year and the cities get about $20 million a year.

The final item makes my original city/county property tax freeze permanent as long as we have the EHOST and SPLOST. No longer will it have to be renewed every five years and I am afraid when I am gone that it would be rescinded without this yes vote.

I believe this is a win-win for our entire county and hope to continue working with CEO Thurmond in initiatives that move DeKalb forward.

Senator Fran Millar


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