The Green Report

In the four and a half years of the city of Dunwoody’s existence, the sustainability efforts undertaken by the city have been and continue to be far-reaching and comprehensive.

The city recognizes many municipalities across the globe are managing diverse issues such as pollution, congestion, traffic, safety, accessibility, and economic growth. A renewed emphasis on security and the costs of dealing with the emerging epidemics of obesity and physical inactivity are stretching limited resources even further.

One approach to addressing these issues is the promotion of and participation in bicycling. Increasing bicycle use can improve the environment, reduce congestion, save lives and increase opportunities for residents of all ages to participate socially and economically in the community.

Regular bicycling leads to enhanced recreational opportunities, contributes to the quality of life, and improves the health and well-being of the population. The city of Dunwoody is committed to improving conditions for bicycling and promoting the significant benefits of bicycling in our community.

The city’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan identifies the implementation of a complete streets policy as one strategy for improving transportation options and relieving congestion in Dunwoody. This policy establishes guidelines for considering the safety and convenience of all users of the public right of way when planning and constructing transportation projects. Users include motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, freight providers, people with disabilities, emergency responders and adjacent land users.

The city recognizes the efficacy of accommodating all transportation modes and strives to provide infrastructure to support modal choice.

Pedestrian, cycling, and all other forms of active transportation are vital components of the infrastructure for the city of Dunwoody, providing environmental and physical benefits.

Since the adoption of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan in March 2011 and Complete Streets Policy in August 2011, the city has:

• Installed over four miles of bike lanes, including Roberts Drive, North Shallowford Road, Perimeter Center East, and Mount Vernon from Layfield to Ashford Dunwoody Road

• Constructed more than two miles of sidewalks on various roads including Valley View Road, Mount Vernon Road, and Happy Hollow Road

In addition to these achievements, the following transportation plan projects to relieve congestion and provide transportation choices are already or soon-to-be underway:

• Traffic signal timing and communication improvements citywide

• Tilly Mill at North Peachtree intersection improvement

• Mount Vernon at Vermack intersection improvement

• Dunwoody Village Parkway sidewalks and streetscape

• Womack/Vermack intersection improvement

• More than five miles of new sidewalk construction

• Bike lanes and sidewalk installation on Chamblee Dunwoody Road between Cambridge and Valley View

• Brook Run Trailway Phases 1 and 2

• Georgetown Trailway

In addition to these ongoing improvements, the city encourages residents, workers, and visitors to participate in our Bike/Walk to Lunch Day event, hosted Friday by the city of Dunwoody Sustainability Commission. Bring your bike (or your walking shoes) to the city hall parking lot on Perimeter Center East by 10:30 a.m. and ride with city officials to lunch at Tin Lizzy’s.

Enjoy the fresh air and friendly atmosphere while promoting pollution-free transportation. The one-mile ride will take place entirely within dedicated bike lanes and end with delicious food and great conversation. Tin Lizzy’s will provide free chips and salsa and a 10 percent discount for all participants. For more information on this event or on our ongoing improvements, please contact the city of Dunwoody at 678-382-6800.

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