DUNWOODY, Ga. — The Dunwoody City Council has instituted a moratorium on development in Dunwoody Village until June 2020.

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The decision, passed at the council’s Dec. 9 meeting, stops any new land disturbance permits, special use applications or design reviews for 180 days. The staff requested the temporary moratorium to give the city time to complete revisions to the Dunwoody Overlay Master Plan before considering any new development.

The final vote was 6-1, with Councilman Terry Nall opposed. Nall said the moratorium would hurt businesses and slow progress.

“Approving this moratorium is a huge step backwards, and it just shoots ourselves in the foot.,” Nall said. “It is the wrong way to treat our village property owners who have plans coming up in the next six months.”

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In response, Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch offered an amendment that allows ongoing development to request revisions.

“I believe this is a critical time in the future of the Village, and I think the public agrees with us,” Deutsch said. “What we see in cities that are surrounding us that people mention as places they envy is that they make a plan and they stick to it. What I want this new council to have is an opportunity to take a breath.”

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Deutsch said she wanted to see long-lasting projects in the Village, so they needed to be right the first time.

Since January 2019, the city has been working with Atlanta-based planning firm TSW to review and rewrite Dunwoody Village zoning regulations in an effort to make the area more attractive to developers.

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In November, TSW presented a draft of the revisions to the public for input. The plan is expected to come before the Planning Commission and then City Council early in 2020. 

Initially adopted in 2011, the Dunwoody Village Master Plan envisions transforming the area into a more walkable, mixed-use city center. Rather than one overlay, the draft code divides the area into four districts.

Along Chamblee Dunwoody Road and between Dunwoody Village Parkway and Mount Vernon would be the Village Center. This zone would have the highest density, up to five stories, and all developments more than 15,000 square feet would be required to have a mix of uses.

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To the west and north of the Village Center would be the Village Commercial District, which allows for up to four stories unless a development is near an existing single-family home. To the southwest and east would be the Village Residential District, and along the south would be the Village Office District. Both would have a maximum height of three stories.

Housing, in some form, would be allowed in all four zones. No detached housing would be allowed within the Village, but townhomes would be permitted in the commercial and residential areas.

Owner-occupied multi-unit housing, like condos or multiplexes, would be allowed in all four districts, but rental apartments would require a special use permit from the City Council. All housing would be a maximum density of 12 units per acre.

More information about the Dunwoody Village Plan update can be found on the city’s website, dunwoodyga.gov.

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