Denny and Meredy Shortal will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Oct. 5 with family and friends.

Abe and Yolanda Gaynes, residents of Berman Commons celebrated their 70th anniversary with a party hosted by their children Shelley and Bruce Gaynes on Sunday, Feb. 14.  The couple  met at the Jersey shore in the summer of 1940, when Yolanda was 16 years old and Abe was 18.  It was “love at …

Charles and Bette (Biediger) Auslander celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on February 19th.  The couple met in first grade at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Greenville, S.C.  They had their first date the night of their high school graduation and got engaged Christmas Eve 1965.

Heather Schoeman and Missy Thompson, daughters of Steve and Georgia Longdon, announce the 50th anniversary of their parents.