The Addams Family

What is it about the Addams Family that makes it such an enduring slice of pop culture? It is that they're creepy and kooky? Or is it more about them being mysterious and spooky?

Hard to say, but ever since television made a sitcom out of Charles Addams's macabre New Yorker cartoons in the 1960s, these bizarre characters have continued breaking into new forms of expression--including the successful Broadway musical that was a vehicle for Nathan Lane in 2009. Perhaps we feel it's an amusing way to turn the All-American Family trope sideways and get a fresh perspective of it. The Addamses may have their quirks, but anyone can see their devotion to each other. And isn't that what family is all about—even if the children are placing each other in torture devices?

North Springs Charter High School is presenting a wonderful version of The Addams Family, and once again, it is astonishing at what a troupe of high school thespians can accomplish. North Springs is just that good at this stuff. The portrayals, the quality of the singing, the staging, the props, the chorus, the comic timing, and basically everything else are spot on. And the show itself is certain to give you a smile.

Leading the cast are the delicious duo of Deandre Johnson (Gomez) and Genevieve Cortez (Morticia). Both are seasoned performers who bring great chemistry and stage presence to their roles. Moira Poh is wonderful as Wednesday Addams, while Kai Winborne and Jordan Duffy share the role of Pugsley. Annalise Hardy is hilarious as Grandma and Ben Cohen is perfect as Uncle Fester.

Rounding out the cast are Joshua Baker (Lurch), Elana Dollinger (Alice Beineke), Zuri Soyinka (Mal Beineke), and Thomas Boswinkle (Lucas Beineke). Adding to the fun are the Addams Dead Ancestors portrayed by William Gordon, Elaine Berger, Lance Brown, Alma Kent, Ella Cyr, Hanna Quillen, Rachel Hertz, Ellie Holyfield, Maisha Gordon, Matthew Szabo, Amani Robinson, Hannah Bright, Kevin Driskell, and Julia Genna.

Serving as Director/Technical Director for The Addams Family is Joel King with Logan Thompson serving as Assistant Director. Additional assistance is provided by Jon Tyler Owens (Producer), Van Craven (Music Director), Kinsey Farmer (Vocal Coach), Michael Brown (Conductor), and Denise Kent and Andrea Smith (Choreographers).

Crew Members include Laura Buice, Madeleine Rosenberg, Sailyn Barlow, and Jack Bullis (stage management), Ben Cohen, Matthew Zabo, Elana Katz (scenic design), Stephanie Bullock, Rachel Hertz, Raviv Walker (costumes), John Sparks, Stella Roden, Rowan Berger, Elliott Solomon, Ella Cyr (hair/make-up), Logan Thompson and Katie Griffin (properties), Kaitlyn McCubbins, Bobby Perdue, Elana Katz, Kaitlyn McCubbins (lighting), William Fuqua, Jake Skiba (sound), Kody Brown (deck chief), Makaylia Larkin, Austen Thomas, and Nadine Mitchell (run crew).

Orchestra members include Alexandra Brooke Smith, Jordan Harper, Jacob Singer, KJ Farmer, Conor Neuser, Madeline Donaldson, Charlton Harris, Jr., Jada Smith, Armani Cribbs, Jamal Tayler, Abigail Gilbert, Carter, Lefkoff, Joiya Martin, Sebastyen Kester, Chandler Hartsfield, Coy Lee Cooper III, Giorgio Freitas, Leah Davis, and Tyler Lovelace.

The Addams Family continues on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 21-23 at 7 p.m. with an additional Saturday matinee performance on March 23 at 3 p.m. Tickets are available at the door, 7447 Roswell Rd.

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