DUNWOODY, Ga. — Dunwoody police were dispatched to the Crown Plaza Ravinia Hotel on Dec. 15 after hotel security reported that a guest trashed their room and pulled the fire alarm.

According to the police report, a security guard told officers Jordan Aniyah Stevens, a 21-year-old Snellville woman, was staying in the room with her boyfriend. The security guard said the couple checked out late, left their room in a disarray and smoked marijuana in the room.

Stevens told police she got into an argument with her boyfriend, and he locked her out of the room nude. She said she pulled the fire alarm so he would open the door and she could get back in the room.

The entire hotel had to evacuate the building, the report stated. The boyfriend reportedly fled in an Uber and Stevens returned to the hotel to retrieve belongings.

That’s when hotel security called police. Officers arrested Stevens and charged her with disorderly conduct for falsely pulling the fire alarm. She told arresting officers she’s a stripper in Atlanta, and one of the bags contained $1,200 she made while dancing at the club that afternoon, according to the report.

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