I recently went to a class put on by the DeKalb County Extension Service to teach folks how to save seeds from your garden plants over the winter. I had not been to these classes in several years and I forgot how helpful they are. I won’t bore you with the details. But I will refer you to a …

As I write this column, it is the middle of January and it is 72 degrees. It has been in this temperature range most of the time since Christmas. As my sainted Grandmother Gallagher might have said, “That just ain’t fittin’!”

I went by the Ace Hardware store in Dunwoody Village the other day to pick up some bird seed. On my way out I noticed they were selling copies of 2017 The Old Farmer’s Almanac. I buy a copy of this helpful and interesting publication every year about this time. It’s one of my favorite publications.

For the last 20-odd years I have grown tomatoes in the same spot in my garden without trouble. Over the years I have received numerous warnings from knowledgeable people that this was not a good gardening practice and that I was toying with serious trouble in this matter.