For those keeping score on DeKalb County service delivery problems, add one more.

Faulty water meters, trash pickup delivery problems and improper late fees on tax bills are now joined by an incorrect ballot printed for the Nov. 3 Dunwoody elections.

Sharon Lowery, Dunwoody’s city clerk, learned that absentee ballots requested by city residents from the county and the ballot for early voting were printed by district, rather than showing at-large voting.

Dunwoody voters have two items on next month’s ballot – a multi-candidate race for mayor and the contest for the District 1 at-large city council race pitting Becky Springer against the incumbent, Terry Nall.

All city voters should be voting in each race, but the ballot showed Springer and Nall competing only in District 1. Had the ballot error not been caught by an alert absentee voter, only about a third of the city’s voters would have had a vote in a citywide race.

Lowery notified the county’s voter registration and elections director, Maxine Daniels, who confirmed the mistake.

Daniels said Friday that the county would work with the Kennesaw State University Center for Elections to develop a solution and a new database for the city election.

She said that as of Friday, 138 absentee ballots had been mailed. Each of those households will be mailed a corrected ballot with a pre-stamped return envelope and explanation. Those ballots are to be delivered by Thursday.

As for early voters, Daniels said 11 people had voted as of Friday, with six of them voting in the contested council race.

For those who like to follow the election returns on the Secretary of State’s website, Dunwoody’s vote total won’t be available there.

The county election chief said the separate database for Dunwoody would be posted on the county webpage,

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