2021 Best of Perimeter Masthead

2020 has been a particularly trying year for most businesses.

I heard from a lot of businesses at the start of the year that were rocking and rolling. The economy was good, new customers were abundant, and hiring and training new employees was steady or expanding.

And then the pandemic hit.

We were all thrown off by an invisible assailant that threatened not just our businesses, but our livelihoods and our families.

It was, and in many cases still is, a very scary time to manage the day-to-day of running a business.

But we have persevered. We put our heads down and marched forward. Many businesses made dramatic changes to their models and some did not make it through at all, but the ones who did have shown that resilience in the face of adversity pays off. Something about the old adage that what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger…

Now, I think our customers appreciate what we do a bit more than they did before. They’ve seen what it could be like without us and stepped up to keep businesses afloat by finding creative ways to patronize them throughout our struggles.

In praise of the little guy

Employees have stepped up more than ever to take on new responsibilities and do what needed to be done to keep the lights on. They have shown courage, patience and tremendous mental fortitude.

So it is our great honor to announce that we are bringing to you the 2021 Best of Perimeter contest to help us recognize the best business “ITP” has to offer.

We have been running a similar contest in the Alpharetta/Roswell area for about 15 years with great success. This year, even in a pandemic, over 3,200 businesses were nominated for awards from over 16,000 people. 200 would go on to be named winners or runners up.

We hope to see similar enthusiasm for Best of Perimeter. We know there are some terrific businesses you’d like to honor.

The process is simple:

1) During the month of December, go to bestofperimeter.com and nominate your favorite businesses in over 100 different categories.

2) The top vote getters will advance to the final ballot, which will run from February 15th  to March 15th.

3) We’ll announce the winners on April 8th.

This is a great way to say "thank you" to the many small and medium size businesses that make where you live and work so special. If you own a business, its also a great way to promote yourself and honor your accomplishments, employees and resilience.

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