To the Editor:

I wonder if you could help me trace a resident of Dunwoody who, like me, was born in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland?  Recently my son was visiting a Winery in Young Harris and met a man named Allan and his wife who said he lived in the Vermack Road area.  

I would dearly like to meet this “Scottish” couple. 

It is an amazing coincidence that two people from the same Scottish neighborhood should be living so close to each other and not know it.

Perhaps we might connect via The Crier?

Sarah Moncrieff Edwards

To the Editor:

The Crier’s story of Sept. 19 about candidates’ participation in the recent Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association meeting missed the mark on Sally Harrell. Fran Millar has a long record of voting for budgets that eliminated $9.2 billion from Georgia’s education funding; Sally is a staunch advocate of permanently restoring those funds and updating the QBE formula.

I have taught mathematics in three states, including three years at Oakcliff Elementary in DeKalb County. I know that a wide range of educational options allows us to tailor settings and programs to children’s needs. When we do that, families who can ill afford to send their children to private schools will have a home within our public education system.

This is what Sally Harrell advocates; this is the person who addressed that meeting last Sunday evening. I believe Sally’s approach to education will best address our needs and for that reason I am supporting her candidacy for Georgia State Senate District 40.

Dr. Karen Langford

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