To the Editor:

Oh, what a program that we have at Dunwoody High School with the “Academy of Finance” led by Steve Fortenberry! He describes it as a mini MBA program. 

I had the privilege to attend this year’s trip to New York City.  Where I watched our kids as they engaged intelligently and respectfully with members of the business community in New York. I was with them as they met with individuals from Storyful the Digital Media arm of NewsCorp and with a member of the NYSE.  We were on the floor for the closing bell of the NYSE.  They posed many questions to each of them in ways that showed me that whatever the teachers in AOF are doing they should keep it up. 

I also watched as they used their understanding of the free market economy where negotiating is the name of the game during our excursion to Canal Street. 

The trip was not all business they did get to explore the city and see things that they have learned about in their history books.  The trip kept them busy from the lights of Broadway, Times Square, Ferry Ride, Dinner in Little Italy, and Top of Rockefeller Center. The teachers in the AOF gave them a life lasting memory. I believe that a flame was lit inside each of them that will continue to burn as they take future steps. 

As I met and told individuals why we were in NYC they were surprised that this was a public school event.  I told them that we had a special school with special teachers and administers that support the AOF.  

Great Job – DHS AOF.   You showed NYC that Wildcat Pride.

Richard Arno

To the Editor:

As a 40-year resident and longtime reader of The Crier, I was especially uplifted by Lewis Walker’s Nov. 21 column “Thanks for Thanksgiving and a better world.”

Where others offer pessimism, he offers optimism, whether for investing or life in general. In a world where news services compete to provide immediacy, Walker provides context which often goes missing or unreported.  His perspective of how we can live in our current era—hectic, tense, and polarized as it might be- knowing that prior generations suffered through worse situations is encouraging. 

Even though I’m not one of his clients, it’s clear to me that his columns reflect an erudition of someone who has become a must read in The Crier. I am thankful that The Crier continues to carry his column.

Rich Lapin

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