To the Editor:

My husband, Casey Locarnini, and I own Dunwoody Urgent Care. We have been proud small business owners for 13 years. In the beginning, there were many rules and regulations that we had to follow as we operate in the overlay district. We feared that these stipulations might hinder our success. However, I’m proud to say that we have been able to care for more than 40,000 patients since we opened our doors. I feel strongly that the classic Williamsburg design is what makes our community unique in tradition. We have found that from tradition comes loyalty and that small-town feel.

To arbitrarily alter this not only undermines those of us who have been operating under the existing guidelines, but will also create a great deal of controversy in our community as Pandora’s box will be open to backlit neon signs and modern architecture. We ask that you maintain the style and the regulations created in this town many decades ago. If you want to think outside the box, do so by attracting new, innovative small businesses to our fair city, not by changing the buildings themselves.

Roxanne Locarnini

To the Editor:

I am the head football coach and athletic liaison at Dunwoody High School.

I would like to thank the Dunwoody Community for supporting the GameOn Capital Campaign for the last year as we have made great improvements to our athletic facilities.

This community is very special and has proven that through the generosity shown to this campaign so far. I also want to make sure that you all know that we are not done yet. We need your help! All of you!

This is a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourselves. What we do to improve the lives of our students through these improvements, will last long after we are gone.

Please help us “Finish the Drill” and leave your legacy. Our kids deserve it. Thanks again for all of those who have stepped up. If you haven’t given yet, please consider it. Search GoFundMe Dunwoody High Athletic Lighting and give today.

Mike Nash

Dunwoody High School

To the Editor:

We told people in north DeKalb cities that if they had a $250,000 home, they would save $274 - $281 in 2018 property taxes if they voted for the property tax freeze/E-HOST/SPLOST legislation that I authored.

Recently you received your 2018 property tax bill and most of you saved more than we told you unless your assessed value increased (we don’t control assessments). 2019 will be even better since you were only given 85 percent of the E-HOST credit.

For most of you the property tax savings will far exceed the additional penny sales tax (does not apply to food) for transportation and public safety needs.

Here is the political reality in 2018. There have been discussions about repealing the property tax freeze if I am not there. CEO Thurmond understands compromise was necessary for progress but many of my peers in the DeKalb delegation do not. Some even want to repeal our $5 billion personal income tax cut.

Please call or email me if further explanation is necessary on your property tax bill.

Sen. Fran Millar


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