To The Editor:

I am writing today to add my opinion to those of E.R. Marnell and Jay Pryor, from their Letters to the Editor section of The Crier, dated Jan. 9. 

I heartily agree with their comments about the changes to the Village Overlay District, which basically involves the rejection of the prior rules concerning continuity in the design and development in Dunwoody. I am very disappointed in the actions that have been taken by the city government, whose sole interest appears to be increasing the tax base, while disregarding the impact of the increased density of development in the Dunwoody community.  The very factors that have drawn so many of us to live in this area are being changed and dismissed.

What a disappointing outcome from all of the meetings that purported to address such issues in the interest of the community of Dunwoody. I have lived here for almost 45 years and the current changes accepted by our mayor and the council will impact the future desirability of this entire area.  The recently approved development of the site on Ashford Dunwoody Road, which has housed a few restaurants for a good many years, is a dreadful concept insofar as the traffic conditions in the Perimeter Mall area are already a nightmare for the residents of Dunwoody.

Furthermore, what will become of the many geese who have lived at the water retention pond on the site of the Restaurant Park?  Is there no concern as to the environmental issues involved in this proposed new development? It is fully obvious that there is no concern for the affected citizens of Dunwoody.

L. Stone

To the Editor:

Shame, shame on the powers that be for approval of eradicating the pond located near Ashford Dunwoody and replacing it with a parking lot.  Evidently our wildlife along with  more traffic congestion are of no concern.

But then, why am I not surprised?

Judy Ford

To the Editor:

Take a second look at the Branch Properties clutter. It is an environmental, sociological and urban outrage.There is no room to even change one mind.

The “cracker barrel” where aging  Indian and Pakistani used to gather to discus issues of the day will be gone. Worse yet, the iconic pond would be filled in and its waters somehow moved underground to make way for a grocery store with a scenic view of...the parking lot. Never  mind there are grocery stores at nearby  Target and Walmart and Publix and Kroger.

The peripheral structures are for the inevitable restaurants  (read pizza joints) elbowed in with a tasteful Quik Trip gas station and a series of convenience stores. The previous occupants left because their owners refused to make  structural repairs.

“Restaurant Park,” indeed.   “Whatever happened to green space?

Joseph Kane

To the Editor:

I believe that the space where the Burger King on Chamblee Dunwoody was, should be repurposed to house another fast food retsaurant.

This is a needed add-on to Dunwoody Village because many of the businesses here are banks, gift shops and dessert spots.

Although it is great to suppport local businesses, I think what Dunwoody needs most is another fast food joint. I have a lot of fond memories of eating at the Burger King with friends. I also wanted to mention that the local owners of the franchise provided a lot to our community, specifically for Dunwoody High School fundraisers.

Finallly, I believe that this change will greatly affect Dunwoody economy and improve the overall variety of eating establishments in Duwoody.

I hope the owners of the commercial space will take my opinion into consideration.

Hunter Coates

To The Editor:

I have been reading about DCSD’s Dunwoody High School expansion plans and projected enrollments.

It never ceases to amaze me how our local leaders (the stewards of our county’s treasures) can track toward solving the wrong problems without focusing on the root cause(s) of the right problems.

I believe we can all agree that it is desirable that our county’s children have the best educational facilities and that our tax dollars go toward providing exceptional student environments.

A wise man once told me that you cannot put six pounds of excrement (he didn’t use that word) into a five pound bag.

Now, there are some that might say the DCSD has finally reached its extreme level of incompetence. Perhaps, but that is a topic for another day.

There is a story about Bill Gates and it goes that Bill Gates was asked why he thought God was able to create the earth in six days.

According to the story, Bill replied,” God didn’t have to deal with an installed base.”

If you have ever been involved in a new system implementation you will understand his comment.

Here is my point:

I think it is time for Daddy to get a brand new and bigger bag!

I feel the time is right and it makes good sense to use eSplost dollars to build a world-class high school in Doraville that meets the current and future enrollment needs of the local community.

The school children (and future school children) of this community deserve for the adults in the room to put forth the efforts to fix the right problems.

Eric Oliver

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