To the Editor:

I would like to extend kudos to Amanda Corr, city arborist, and Michael Cowan, executive director of the Nature Center, who actually did what they said they were going to do.

For quite a while I have attempted to bring attention to the serious problem of invasive species that have overrun the Dunwoody Nature Center. Almost two-thirds of the park were covered in English Ivy and other harmful plants, covering huge swaths of the ground and climbing trees.  These plants not only could kill the trees but also, they stopped any new growth on the ground.  The ultimate result of ignoring this plight is what’s known as an ivy desert.

Recently, I expressed my concern to Ms. Corr and Mr. Cowan and before you could say “BAAA!” a herd of the Super Bowl-featured goats arrived in the park.  These goats, along with two beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs, have been in the park for a number of weeks clearing the ivy and entertaining both young and old. They have done an extraordinary job and hopefully will now allow the park to flourish. 

Many thanks to these two custodians of some of the only natural space left in Dunwoody.

Rich Reynell

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