To the Editor:

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody wants to thank the community and the sponsors for coming together for the first annual Dunwoody BBQ & Community Festival. There was great music, good food, a beer garden, a terrific  Kids Zone, as well as the ability for kids (ages 6-10 and 11-15) to compete for the title of “Dunwoody Grill Master.” Attendees tasted professional BBQ cooked by 14 professional teams, and ultimately through their voting selected  the winner of the People’s Choice, “Nice Rack” from Georgia.

There were approximately $5,000 in raffle prizes: $1,000 in McKendrick’s gift cards; Fire Pitt; T-Mobile E5 cell phone; Cooks Warehouse Gift Basket; Gunter Wilhelm knives; two100-qt. coolers; Jewelry from Kendra Scott; Big Green Egg

We particularly want to thank our sponsors. Without their generous support, the event wouldn’t have happened: Scuf Gaming; Northside Hospital; Hudson Grille; McKendrick’s; T-Mobile; Kendra Scott; Big Green Egg; City of Dunwoody; Dunwoody Crier; Farmer’s Insurance; Mosquito Joe; Springer Mountain Farms; Creative Financial Group; Ashford Financial; and Snellings Walters.

A majority of the money raised will go towards projects that directly benefit Dunwoody’s schools and its First Responders. Part of the funding from this year’s event ($8,000) has already been given to the Dunwoody High School Community Association (DHSCA) so that the DHS athletic practice fields can be lighted.

Rick Woods (President of Rotary Club of Dunwoody)

Jack Sparks (Chair of the Dunwoody BBQ & Community Festival)

To the Editor:

As a long time Dunwoody resident and business owner I am writing in support of Ken Wright for State Representative.

Ken was instrumental in the formation of Dunwoody as a city. He was president of the Dunwoody Homeowners’ Association, president of the Citizens for Dunwoody – who led our effort for cityhood, and then implemented the plan for the new city as its first mayor. He also helped get funding for the Dunwoody Nature Center. Ken Wright is the history of the city of Dunwoody. He provided a low cost, high service business friendly business model that we need to preserve.

The tax rate established by Ken has not changed since our inception as a city, and the services provided have far exceeded what we were receiving from DeKalb County. When we were in DeKalb County you would be lucky to see a police car once a month, now I see Dunwoody police on patrol at least once a day.

The Perimeter area has become a job magnet, our commercial office space is virtually ‘sold out’. Before you complain about the traffic from that, you should realize that businesses pay the vast majority of taxes in Dunwoody, effectively subsidizing us homeowners.

Ken is endorsed by all the mayors that have followed him; Mike Davis and Denny Shortal, who have successfully followed the template he set out for our city. He is endorsed by our former state Sen. Dan Weber and current Sen. Fran Millar, as well as the representative he would replace, Tom Taylor.

Ken is committed to working to create a separate Dunwoody school system, It will afford the kind of education our children deserve and what are tax dollars are supposed to be paying for. My kids are out of the school system so I will only benefit personally when my home value increases substantially from the kind of school system that that amount of money can buy. Think Walton High School in Cobb County.

This will be a huge struggle to get this approved through the legislature, a likely impossible job for any minority party candidate.

Thank goodness Ken Wright is willing to take up the effort for us as our state representative.

Larry Feldman, Esq.

To the Editor:

We support Ken Wright for State House District 79.  No one is better suited to represent the interests of Dunwoody than someone who lived here as a kid and then chose to make Dunwoody home for his own family almost 25 years ago.  

As a young parent, Ken got active in our community, long before we became a city, through the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.  

When we started thinking about becoming a city, there was no better person to take lead of the citizens group than Ken Wright. 

When Dunwoody residents overwhelmingly voted to become a city, it was clear our first mayor needed to be one who would support all viewpoints about how the new city should be structured with staff, laws, and policies that reflect our diverse city.  Ken Wright ran unopposed as our first mayor.

Today, we continue to need Ken Wright.  He understands our community better than anyone, whether long-term resident or new arrival. He knows, and has worked hard, on what it takes to make our community a better place for us all.  

Ken Wright is a long-term active giver back to the Dunwoody community with a proven track record of effective results.  Please join us in voting for Ken Wright as our representative to the State House.

Terry and Donna Nall

To the Editor:

On behalf of the members of the GFWC Dunwoody Woman’s Club, I would like to thank the homeowners for opening their beautiful homes for our 46th Annual Home Tour. Thank you to the Dunwoody Preservation Trust and the city of Dunwoody for partnering with us to include the historic and lovely Donaldson-Bannister Farm on this year’s tour. We appreciate everyone for their gracious hospitality and generosity with our major fundraiser. Each homeowner was presented with a painting of their home. Dunwoody Preservation Trust was presented with a painting of the Donaldson-Bannister Farm. Pat Fiorello, a local artist, was commissioned for these special gifts.

We also want to express appreciation to Blooms of Dunwoody, Flower Craft, Inc., Fresh Flowers at Costco, Peachtree Petals, for the lovely flower arrangements in each of the homes. We thank you for your talent and extraordinary contribution.

We extend special thanks to the community for their participation each year and to the Dunwoody Crier for its outstanding and invaluable assistance with publicizing our event.

We appreciate the community support for our charitable work.

Chris Cox, Chairman

2018 Dunwoody Home Tour

GFWC Dunwoody Woman’s Club

To the Editor:

Havng been an RN at Brook Run, as I read The Crier and seeing the amount of money being spent on Brook Run recreational facilities, I have a very sad feeling.

My heart, mind, soul and body are hurting thinking abut the closure of Brook Run — causing the residents who were living there to be “moved out,” supposedly due to the lack of money to continue the care for the mentally and physically handicapped residents.

For all who don’t understand my feelings, you probably have never known the needs of Brook Run residents and how Brook Run provided needed care.

When I pass by Brook Run, my thoughts are on the former residents and the consequences that occurred when the facility closed. Many didn’t survive the drastic change in their lives.

From one who remembers and cares.

Eugenia McHugh

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