The question that needs to be asked of the DeKalb County School District is: 

“Has the educational environment been compromised?” 

I believe the answer is “yes!”

Another question is:

“Is the safety, health and wellbeing of Dekalb County’s school children at risk?” 

I believe there is cause for concern here and I would answer “yes!”

The simple truth is, district-wide, Dekalb County schools are currently in a disgraceful state.

That said, DeKalb Schools did not get to its present state in a day. This is the cumulative result of years of incompetence, indifference and perhaps corruption. 

There are no easy fixes at this point.

All organizations have their “core competencies.” It is increasingly apparent that the fiduciary (trust) and facilities management functions are far from being DeKalb School’s competencies. The current model of managing the school district is failing, miserably.

That is why it makes sense to me to outsource these and other functions (human resources). These functions should be outsourced to competent and trustworthy third-party providers while being directed by a source other than the DeKalb County School District.

The children and citizens of DeKalb County deserve better than what the school district is providing today.

Eric Oliver


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