I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Board of Education member (District 1) Mr. Jester excellent work! 

My son – 9th grade student – needed help with accelerated math class enrollment. The accelerated math pathway is rigorous, and provides the opportunity to participate in math tournaments, national and local level mathematical examinations; many colleges offer scholarships based on the performance in these tournaments. It also provides an opportunity to graduate from High School with a few college credits that many colleges are looking for

Thanks to Mr. Jester, the matter was resolved with satisfaction on both sides: the student and the school. Mr. Jester is a genuine students’ advocate!!! He shared information that was accurate and complete, and handled sensitive information appropriately. Mr. Jester followed through on the accelerated class enrollment, and made all parties involved aware of a current status at every step of the process. And most importantly, he treated everyone - my son, me as a parent, the school officials - with dignity, respect and fairness.

Mr. Jester hard work has a profound and long-lasting effect on students’ future. Thanks to Mr. Jester advocacy, it shines bright and promising!

With deepest respect and appreciation,

Natalia Revzina, MD, MPH


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