To The Editor:

We note with sadness the passing of Adrian Bonser last Friday, one of our city founders and a faithful supporter of Dunwoody Preservation Trust.

Adrian has been a longtime supporter of Dunwoody Preservation Trust and, more specifically, a supporter and advocate of the Donaldson-Bannister Farm rehabilitation. Several years ago, prior to the beginning of rehabilitation efforts, Adrian sponsored several open house events to generate interest in the property. Over the years she has visited the property and expressed her happiness with the ongoing progress.

Recently, she funded the planting of climbing roses on the existing arbor to match historic roses previously planted.

We appreciate all she has done for our city and her support for Dunwoody Preservation Trust. She will be missed.

Jim Williams

President, Dunwoody Preservation Trust

To the Editor:

As one of the organizers of the DeKalb Democrats parade entry, I was surprised to read your article in last week’s Crier. This was the first we heard there was an issue. Had someone from The Crier contacted our group for clarification and comment, we would have been glad to do so. 

The group that organized our entry are Dunwoody residents — friends and neighbors — most of whom are relatively new to politics. We are also very excited about the strong slate of Democratic candidates we have running in this year’s midterm elections. It was our decision, and ours alone, to wear our campaign wear that many of us have received working to support our candidates. None of the candidates or their campaigns were involved in this decision in any way. We welcomed two candidates into our group because as a non-profit, we were unaware of any rules that prohibited candidates from walking with us, and those rules were not included in the information that we received. I am sure parade organizers will provide us more specific guidance in the future.

I want to thank the Dunwoody Parade organizers for all that they do to bring the community together for this wonderful celebration of our country. This was our second year being in the parade and we are always delighted by the positive response we get from the community. We look forward to participating again in future parades.

Sheila Levy

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Judy Shope

I would think that Michael Dendinger, being a Dunwoody lawyer, would have understood the importance of civility and graciousness when commenting on the race between Kemp and Cagle. His comments demonstrate one of the very sad things about politics today. He is obviously happy his candidate won. He did not have to be insulting and demeaning to Cagle and Dunwoody officials. What he said should provide his clients or potential clients with enough information to know that this man is a bad winner. Hope Kemp is an excellent governor. If Cagle had won I wonder if Mr. Dendinger would have wished the same.

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