To the Editor:

Dunwoody City Council voting to replace a pond with a parking lot, and now voting to reduce the stream buffer?

Someone needs to report this to the EPA and/or Army Corps of Engineers.  

Judy Ford

To the Editor:

Georgia DOT and their consultants are trying to convince us that Bus Rapid Transit and elevated toll lanes are the best answer to congestion on I-285 between Spaghetti Junction and Cobb County.  They are wrong and if they get their way, we will suffer the consequences. 

GDOT wants to build bus stations with parking lots in Doraville, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs encouraging commuters to drive to our communities, park at the bus stations and then ride a bus either east or west on toll lanes that are elevated above the tree line.  No one will want to live anywhere near these bus stations or these elevated toll lanes. This will create a dead-zone on either side of the top end Perimeter. 

The correct answer is to invest in a light rail line running on tracks that are at grade level between the Doraville MARTA station and the Cobb Galleria/SunTrust Park and Cobb Marietta Transit Center.  Light rail attracts people rather than repelling them.  It generates pedestrian traffic, promotes walkability, spurs business development and creates a sense of community.   

Elevated express lanes may move cars, but no one wants to live near the unattractive eye-sores or the constant noise. 

We must fight the current plan by impressing on our state and local elected officials the need to change GDOT’s plans before they begin to move forward.  Now is the time to stop this proposed project in its tracks.  Make sure your local elected officials and your representatives in the state legislature understand the importance of this issue and are motivated to pressure GDOT into altering their plans.

Robert Wittenstein

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