To the Editor:

Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot of things by watching.”

Well, I was watching at the “On the Scene with Dr. Green” meeting on March 4 at Dunwoody High School.

I came away with two general impressions.

First impression, it seems to me that Dr. Green and company don’t have a lot of satisfied customers.

Of course, Dr. Green’s statement that the DCSD doesn’t have enough money wasn’t exactly a “profound revelation” for me.

Truthfully, I am okay with writing a check if I knew it would solve a problem.

However, you don’t have to be a CPA to understand any “return on investment” on behalf of the DeKalb County tax base, with the DCSD, has been and continues to be disappointing.

The other impression I got from the meeting was that the basic collective elements of what will be required to improve the current situation at DCSD were present in the DHS auditorium.

In attendance were Dr. Green and his staff, Principal Cole, representatives from the DeKalb County School Board and County Commission. Also, the Dunwoody City Council was 100 percent in attendance, including our mayor, representatives from the Doraville and Chamblee City Councils. I didn’t see our State House representatives (Mike and Sally) although I did notice Fran Millar.

Wow, in retrospect, this was an important meeting!

It was very clear to me that there were hundreds of other concerned, passionate, highly motivated and intelligent parents,and citizens in the room too.

Here is my point: I believe that there was not a person in that room who doesn’t feel that the children and taxpaying citizens of DeKalb County deserve better from the DCSD, than what we are getting.

And that is a good starting point to decide to change the situation for to the better.

Eric Oliver

To the Editor:

State Sen. Sally Harrell and State Rep. Mike Wilensky spent time with our community at a town hall on Tuesday evening, March 19, at Dunwoody City Hall. After Mayor Denis Shortal’s introduction, Sally and Mike gave an overview of the legislation they’d been working on in their respective chambers and answered questions from the audience.

This was just one of a number of opportunities they’ve created to update and listen to folks during a hectic legislative session.  I was also among the several dozen people who gathered around to talk with Senator Harrell during a Saturday morning coffee chat at Georgetown Starbucks in February.

I very much appreciate Sally and Mike’s accessibility and responsiveness, filling us in on issues and hearing our concerns.  In addition to meeting with constituents face to face, they’ve also sent regular email reports on the status of legislation and the dialogue at the Capitol.

Thank you, Sally and Mike, for your enthusiasm, your diligence and your engagement with this community.  

Muriel Knope

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