Qualifying for mayor and city council begins in Dunwoody on Aug. 19. We are governed by six council members and a weak form of mayor who votes with council and has no veto power. Our incorporation by intent, and via charter, created a nonpartisan form of government free from party affiliation. It has worked successfully since our founding.

Unfortunately, even as the city is celebrating its 10th anniversary, our form of government is in jeopardy. Twitter posts have recently surfaced documenting that the Georgia Democrat party is launching an initiative to get candidates to run for office. They have chosen to ignore our legal nonpartisan standing.

When representatives of the Republican Party reached out during our 2008 Dunwoody Yes campaign to inquire about involvement, we said ABSOLUTELY NOT. They listened, did not interfere and have continued to respect our nonpartisan elections.

Political parties are necessary and work well for county, state and federal governments. They do not work well in small cities. We have witnessed the divisiveness and acrimony accompanying the last two primary and general elections. We cannot afford to let that climate take over Dunwoody. 

We are 12 square miles of friends and neighbors with common interests, needs and goals. We became a city to have local government close to home and cease the control of those not living in Dunwoody.

No candidate for Dunwoody council has ever been asked to declare their political preference or party affiliation. It has not been, nor should it be, a part of their candidacy. From knowing all of them, I suggest they have reflected the demographics of Dunwoody. I believe as those demographics are changing, our council will reflect that change as a natural occurrence, unforced and unaffected by biased political parties. Zoning, paving, police, parks, etc., are are neither Democrat or Republican issues. They are Dunwoody issues.

I urge local Democrat activists to reach out to the Georgia Democrat party and tell them to cease and desist interfering in our November election for mayor and council. Candidates chosen and supported by any party become beholden to that party. If that occurs, Dunwoody government will be changed forever.

Bev Wingate


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