To the Editor:

Let me start by saying I am incredibly disappointed that we will be adding more trailers to Dunwoody High School (and Peachtree Middle). This only confirms how poorly DCSD is at planning and execution. It blows my mind how we built a new middle school and within a very short period of time had to add portable classrooms. They same can be said about the recent expansion and re-model at Dunwoody HS. I have zero faith in anything DCSD says or does. And it isn’t because of my anger about how the north part of the county constantly gets the short end of the stick. It is because DCSD has shown time and time again they cannot ever get it right.

Richard Powers’ article from the April 4 issue is extremely misleading and the headline is flat out wrong. I feel it is your responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen. Should the community be outraged at what DCSD is doing to our school? Yes. But let’s publish the facts. The headline says 12 trailer classrooms now. That is 100 percent incorrect. DHS is getting one quad, or four classrooms, this coming school year. DHS may get two more quads or eight more classrooms at some point in the future. Last I checked, potentially in the future is not now.

Further, the article says Mr. Drake announced 12 new trailer classrooms are headed to campus. That might be true, but it is yet to be determined. What Mr. Drake did say is that the infrastructure for the one new quad (e.g., water, electricity) will be built sufficient enough to support two additional quads if needed, so they don’t have upgrade that in the future at a much greater cost than they lay the groundwork now. But again, he did not say the two additional quads are for sure happening — it will be based on new projects and actual enrollment numbers int he coming year.

Do I think we will end up with the two additional quads? Yes, I do. But let’s report the facts and not mislead the readership. Am I disappointed that we continue to add portable classrooms? Yes. But it disappoints me more that The Crier allows biased reporting to be printed.

Brad May

(Editor’s note: The headline was not exactly correct by the definition of now. But most of the people who heard Dan Drake’s remarks believe the eight addtional trailer classrooms are coming in the next year. The DHS principal has said 13 teachers are without classrooms. We agree with you that whether it is four trailer classrooms or 12, the lack of planning is evident.)

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