To the Editor:

The city’s Director of Public Works stated that the city does not anticipate future changes nor modifications to the traffic circle. So, the city in its wisdom has dug its heels in. 

Our mayor, council and police department must now tell us in detail how we are to safely use the traffic circle, considering that any vehicle larger than a mid-size SUV cannot make the 270 degree turn from Saffron Drive into southbound North Peachtree Road without going off the pavement or onto the traffic circle middle. Larger vehicles must either run over the traffic circle middle or completely ignore it.

Will all vehicles observed not using the traffic circle as designed be ticketed?

If some vehicles will be exempt, exactly which vehicles will they be? I want to let them pass before I risk traveling around the traffic circle.

Christopher McDowall Johnston

To the Editor:

I echo the concerns raised by City Councilman John Heneghan regarding the staggering number of tagged trees in Brook Run Park. But rather than just taking our word for this, I urge every reader to walk through Brook Run and take note of the number of trees marked with white ribbons.

I truly hope that only a fraction of the tagged trees will be cut down, but I have my doubts. And don’t be fooled by the one-for-one tree replacement policy. Many of the identified trees are beautiful mature trees, whereas the replacements are young trees which can be planted anywhere in the city.

According to city spokesman Bob Mullen, the final design of the great lawn project has not yet been completed. Maybe there still is time to convince city officials that we value Brook Run’s natural beauty more than a great lawn and other so-called improvements. Speak now, before the tree cutting begins.

Jane Leitz

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