To the Editor:

Winters Village Dry cleaners has won our business for a long time. We accidentally left a generous cash Christmas gift in the pocket of my husband’s shirt and they had it neatly pinned to the shirt when we picked up our dry cleaning. We are so grateful and wanted to share their honest behavior with our neighbors!

Kathy Herald

To the Editor:

I find it shocking that The Crier did not include an obituary about Bob Lundsten, a man who did so much for Dunwoody and Brookhaven. An explanation is needed.

Peter J. Frink

Editor’s note: The Lundsten family did not send us an obituary, choosing instead to send one to the Atlanta daily newspaper. The Crier reported on Mr. Lundsten’s life and extraordinary community contributions on Page 1 of the Jan. 23 edition.

To the Editor:

The shocking loss of Bob Lundsten is a loss to everyone of us here in Dunwoody, and my heart goes out to his family.  I’ll personally miss his professional support and his friendship, but he will indeed live on through his many accomplishments.  Remembering his sense of humor still makes me smile.

Judy Ford

To the Editor:

Bob Lundsten was an incredible force in Dunwoody.  He was “all in” whether for or against something. I remember when Bob’s wife almost died because a defibrillator was not handy, so Bob decided that all police cars should have a defibrillator.  Instead of just identifying the problem, he solved it by getting organizations and individuals to underwrite the cost to put one in every police vehicle.

Bob was bombastic, yet committed when we needed leadership.  A member of the DHA Board for years, he prodded us to take a position on issues important to Dunwoody.  Even when those issues were controversial, he challenged us as an organization to take a stand.  To his credit, the DHA was a force for good.  His efforts extended beyond just the DHA.  Bob Lundsten gave his advice and support (or opposition) to any issue he believed was important to our city.  Most important, Bob had the facts to back up his position.  We will miss Bob’s guidance and commitment. 

Bill Robinson

To the Editor:

I find it incredible that The Crier’s coverage of the late Bob Lundsten didn’t include any mention of his legal troubles in his tenure as chief of staff to an indicted and imprisoned DeKalb County commissioner. Your coverage is an embarrassment.

Bill Skowron

Editor’s note: Many believe that Mr. Lundsten’s legal troubles were part of a politically motivated indictment. He worked for a commissioner who clearly betrayed the public trust. At the time of the commissioner’s indictment, prosecution and sentencing, The Crier recieved not a single letter to the editor. Nor have we seen any evidence that Mr. Lundsten acted outside the public interest.

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