To the Editor:

Last Tuesday, we witnessed the complete evisceration of Casey Cagle for governor.

What should be troubling to residents of Dunwoody and surrounds is that most of our current and former local politicians endorsed this shopworn relic of the Republican established order.

Just when you think that these local leaders have learned the voters’ message of the last 18 months, they instead show a stubborn proclivity to hang by their fingernails to the last vestiges of a previously rejected mode of insider politics.

I will not name names but you can read their laudatory and esteemed proclamations in this paper’s July 18 Talk Back to the Crier.

Maybe we as citizens should ask if our local leaders are out of touch with the sentiments of their constituents, or whether they possess the dignified political judgment they claim to have.

“Yep, I just said that.”

Michael Dendinger

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