To the Editor:

I attended the DHA Forum on Sunday. It was informative and interesting to see the differences between the candidates. I certainly thought Candidate Sally Harrell's responses were excellent. Sally reflects what is so much needed today - a realistic viewpoint about policies which affect our district as well as everyone in the State of Georgia. Clearly, we need someone like her who can provide a new and refreshing perspective to the issues that concern Georgians. Someone who wants to protect public education, who will help make sure folks have healthcare coverage, and who will lead us into a better transportation future by supporting transit. We need Sally Harrell's leadership in the State Senate.

Rob Augustine

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article on Oct.16 titled Candidate forum nears, participation not assured. As a Dunwoody resident, I first met Sally a year ago at a political event in Dunwoody. Over this past year, i have come to know Ms. Harrell, and believe in her as a person of great integrity who will fairly represent all residents of the district. For this reason, my husband and I volunteered to host her at a Meet and Greet at our home in Dunwoody Club Forest on Oct. 29. She will be sharing her ideas and vision, and be available to take any and all questions from voters. This has been widely publicized in her campaign materials and on her website, had anyone at the Crier bothered to check. I have seen Sally at meetings all over Dunwoody and at Brook Run, and know that she is planning to participate in the DHA candidate forum. She has also supported local businesses by hosting events in Dunwoody restaurants. The Crier has consistently misstated that Sally has not made Dunwoody a priority in her campaign, and has shown that it cannot be impartial or factual n reporting the news.

Alice Wertheim

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article on Oct,16 titled “Candidate forum nears, participation not assured.” As a Dunwoody resident, I believe in Sally as a person and as a candidate who will fight for all residents of the district. For this reason, I have been volunteering to help her campaign to represent Georgia’s Senate District 40 in Dunwoody for more than a year. My family has hosted a Meet and Greet event for her in our home and I have supported numerous events around Dunwoody where Sally has shared her vision for the district and spoken with Dunwoody voters. She has also supported local businesses by hosting events in Dunwoody restaurants. The article’s claim that Sally has not made Dunwoody a priority in her campaign is false and I can attest to that with first-hand knowledge. Her choice to invest in in-person events to speak directly with voters is a testament to her commitment to Dunwoody voters.

Melanie Manning

To the Editor:

I read with interest two letters in your Oct. 17 issue from readers who addressed Ms. Wingate’s opinion column in your previous issue. One letter attempted to correct some inaccuracies in her column and the other letter expressed dismay that your paper does not include differing opinions and represent all of your readers.

The editor’s response was “We too are concerned about balance, but we don’t control what our readers think.” After reading this, I turned one page back and took a look at your front page article, “Candidate forum nears, participation not assured.” In this article, it states: “Harrell and McBath have not made Dunwoody a priority in their campaigns, except for the July 4 parade. Neither has advertised locally”.

Hmm… I sense a bit of mind control technique going on here. Am I supposed to believe that because Ms. Harrell and Ms. McBath have not contributed to ad layouts in your paper that they don’t “prioritize Dunwoody”?

I decided to take this question to Ms. Harrell today and emailed her to ask her if Dunwoody was, indeed, a priority of hers. After sending her an email, I was pleasantly surprised that she responded within a matter of minutes. Wow, a candidate who actually answered my question promptly in the closing weeks of a busy campaign! Maybe that means my concerns as a Dunwoody resident are quite possibly a priority of hers?

Here’s what she told me:

• She has held nine Meet and Greets in the Dunwoody area and plans to hold two more. She has hosted several events at Dunwoody restaurants, including her election night parties. She has scheduled numerous events such as these in a district that includes seven cities and one large unincorporated area in order to meet with constituents to discuss the issues

• She is committed to participating in the DHA Candidate Forum

After hearing back from her, I then took a look at her events schedule and noticed that she has several upcoming events scheduled in the Dunwoody area, including events at La Madeline, Vintage Pizza and a meet and greet in Dunwoody Club Forest. So, based on my exhaustive and highly rewarding 10 minute investigative session, I have decided to have my own thoughts, and those are that Sally Harrell actually does place a priority on me as a Dunwoody resident.

I would prefer not to have to play the amateur investigator role Instead, I would be grateful to have a local paper such as The Crier that would ask these types of questions and then present its readers with alternate points of view so that we can then make up our own minds about a variety of issues.

Tracy Sinclair

To the Editor:

I had a good belly laugh over the hypocrisy of the “In My Opinion” article (Oct. 9) by Ms. Wingate. After stating several inaccuracies as to why we should all vote Republican she makes a final plea, “Let us put national politics aside and think about what is important to our daily lives in Dunwoody.”

Surely this is a joke? President Trump and the Republican Congress are the leaders of the Republican party and according to recent polls, Republicans support Trump and his divisive policies by 87 percent. So why would Ms. Wingate not embrace her Republican party and president publicly?

The reason is that Ms. Wingate understands that only 40 percent or less of the country agrees with the racist, divisive, dangerous, and downright surreal behavior and policies of president Trump (I wrote this article the day President Trump hosted Kanye West in the Oval Office — or was it the day he called the porn star he slept with while his wife tended to his infant son “horseface”? – I forget...)

And while Republicans put on a transparent facade of being publicly ashamed of President Trump’s behavior and lack of fitness for the office he holds, the truth is they wholeheartedly embrace Trump’s dismantling of societal norms and democratic institutions, his bigotry, and the culture of hate that he cultivates in our national culture each and every day. For the record, two years ago I would have described myself as politically independent.

In fact, I’ve voted for Fran Millar twice. Currently I wouldn’t vote for a national or local Republican if you paid me a million dollars.

Brian Lastate

To the Editor:

I moved to Dunwoody more than 40 years ago, then moved away for several years before returning in 1995. I didn’t know Ken Wright in the ‘70s when he rode his bike to Dunwoody Village from his home in the Branches subdivision. I didn’t meet him in the early ‘90s when he bought his house in Wyntercreek subdivision and started his first business—subsequently, he has founded and sold multiple companies. But for the last 20 years I’ve seen him work in this community as he served as a volunteer on the Dunwoody Homeowners’ Association board and later as its two-term president.

I admired his leadership skills as president of Citizens for Dunwoody, the group that brought people together throughout the “Dunwoody area” to pass legislation giving us the right to vote to become a city. As Dunwoody’s first mayor, I watched him build coalitions among council members and make decisions that formed a strong foundation for our new city government, serving all the citizens as a bipartisan leader. As a sign of his unselfishness and pride in our city, Ken donated his first year’s salary to the Stage Door Players. I’ve had the privilege of working side-by-side with him while he serves as chairman (elected by the board members) of the City of Dunwoody URA, Georgetown Redevelopment Agency for the past six years.

Ken has a proven track record driven by a servant’s heart for our community. He’s committed to freezing our taxes so we can stay in our homes, providing quality education and working to provide traffic solutions. As one of the only Republicans in the DeKalb County delegation, he will block harmful legislation that the DeKalb delegation introduces every session of the General Assembly.

Please join us in voting for Ken Wright as our State House Representative for District 79.

Olen and Jan Akers

To the Editor:

Every year around election time, my husband and I cringe as the “Talk Back to the Crier” section becomes the “Why You Should Vote For...” section. I, for one, do not believe anything that is said without verifying athe information.

I prefer to read independently written, unbiased information and draw my own conclusions. For example, James Williams spoke at length about the race between Wilensky and Wright. Did anyone else notice that the author spelled Mr. Wilensky's name incorrectly throughout the whole letter? How could I possibly believe someone who so blatantly supports one candidate but cannot even correctly spell the name of his opponent.

He also questioned Mr. Wilensky's spending when everyone knows that any candidate who is more unknown always has to spend more money than the more well known one. Then Mr. Williams alleged that Mr. Wilensky would be unduly influenced because of the amount of financial support he has received from trial lawyers.

If facts are so important when voting Mr. Williams, then you should present the facts and not your own hypotheses. In fact you even stated in your letter, “Facts are important when voting.” I think the next letter you write should be one in which you present facts that prove your allegations.

Going back to why I wrote this letter, I think the “Talk Back to the Crier” should be reconfigured and not be used as channel for citizens to communicate their opinions of the candidates that may contain all types of allegations and assumptions that may be half-truths or not truth at all.

We, as citizens, should do our own thorough investigations of all the candidates and issues prior to making a decision.

I shudder to think that any individual would be making a decision based on the opinions of others who cannot even spell the name of a candidate correctly.

Dorie Sokol

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