Dunwoody Christian School

Children are thriving at Dunwoody Christian School! Here’s why…

Individual attention. Because we limit our classes to 12 students, your child will have personal interaction with their teacher every day. Your child’s daily instruction will be tailored to their needs. 

Loving environment. We have developed a school culture where each child feels loved and cared for. Each child knows they are loved by their teachers, their peers, and by God.

Christian instruction. Our State-certified teachers are mature Christians, dedicated to developing Biblical knowledge and Christ-like character in your child.

College preparatory. Our school culture is dedicated to academic excellence, with the goal that every student is able to attend the college of their choice. 

Contact us to learn more about how your child can thrive at our school. 

We are currently enrolling students in K-3rd grade. 

770-712-2896 or www.dunwoodycs.org

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