If you are planning on downsizing are all relevant family members aware of the upcoming sale of your home and the reasons for it?  It is a good idea to have a family discussion about the decision to sell prior to signing commitments.

Adult children often have strong emotional stakes in the sale.   If the move involves significant downsizing, this may also be a time to bring up property and possessions issues.  Unfortunately, there is not a strong market for used furniture.  Especially traditional and antique pieces.  Even charities and consignment shops are very selective in what they will take.  Your adult children may already have a house full of furniture and have no need for your items.  We spend our lives collecting mementos, furniture and items to enjoy over the years, and then we spend our later years shedding these same things!

When you get ready to downsize, the question becomes- what is coming with me and what is going away.  We find ourselves making decisions about each possession and it’s “fate”.  Most seniors have found it is best to downsize their possessions over several years to prevent the major stress of moving and dealing with a multitude of items.

For more ideas to make downsizing more smooth, contact Dan Griffin, Broker/Realtor Keller Williams First Atlanta.

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